When you think of using a firearm for home defense you might think of a handgun because it is smaller and easier to carry around. But you should also think about using a Remington 870 for defending your home as well. This pump action shotgun makes it easy for any gun owner to hit their target without having to be 100% accurate. After all, even if you practice shooting with a handgun at a shooting range and hit the target each time, it is a little different when you have to shoot a human target that is trying to hurt you. Your adrenaline will be all spiked up and you may have trouble concentrating enough to accurately aim your gun and fire at the assailant. But with a Remington 870, all you really need to do is point the gun in the general direction of your target and fire. The pellets from the shell are bound to strike the person and stop them from trying to hurt you or your family. Not only will it stop them, but it will do far more damage to them than a handgun ever would.

As for the maintenance and economics of owning a Remington 870 for home defense, you will be amazed how easy you will have it. Pump action shotguns like the Remington 870 are actually cheaper than most rifles and just a little more than a good handgun. If you shop around you could purchase a Remington 870 for about $400. When you go to clean the shotgun you can do so with most traditional cleaning supplies. The Remington 870 is also modular, which means you can upgrade the stock, barrel, or fore-end with any better materials that you can find.

From a legal standpoint, you should be fine with the law when it comes to a Remington 870 pump action shotgun. Most legal jurisdictions throughout the United States consider this to be a sporting gun instead of an assault weapon, which means it wouldn’t be banned in places where high capacity magazines or handguns are banned. Of course, be sure to check out the local laws in your area for pump action shotguns just to be safe. Chances are you will be allowed to use them for home defense. Then if an intruder ever tries to break in and you point the Remington 870 towards their direction, they probably aren’t going to stick around very long so you may not even have to use it.

Remington 870 for Home Defense (Tactical Accessories)

There are a lot of different tactical upgrades and accessories for Remington 870 shotgun. I have tested many of them and want to show you my Remington 870’s home defense configuartion:

Remington 870 for Home Defense
Remington 870 for Home Defense

Remington 870 Express with:
Hogue Overmolded Shortstock and Forend
Mesa Tactical 6-Round SideSaddle
Nordic Components Magazine Extension
CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Mount with FAB Defense Speedlight Flashlight
S&J Hardware Safety Button
Ameriglo Tritium Sights
Giles Wilderness Sling
Non-MIM Extractor
Vang Comp Systems Stainless Steel Magazine Follower

Recommended Product:
Remington 870 Non MIM Extractor
Remington 870 Non MIM Extractor
Get Remington 870 Non MIM Extractor here: http://tinyurl.com/bew5ado

Usually, I use this configuration on all competitions to test the equipment. During the competitions you are under stress and have to shoot fast and accurate. You use all types of ammunition (birdshot, buckshot and slugs), you need to run from target to target, you need to shoot and reload often. This is the best way to test your shotgun and upgrades.

Hogue Overmolded Shortstock and Forend

Hogue OverMolded stock with a 12″ length of pull is my favourite shotgun stock at the moment. It makes your shotgun shorter and easier to handle, it is very comfortable for me and increases mobility. But this short LOP stock was not convenient for my friend with longer hands. Also, you need to find proper position of your strong hand because first times you may hit your nose with your thumb. Material and texture of the Hogue stock assures a non-slip grip.

Hogue Short LOP Stock
Hogue Short LOP Stock
Hogue Overmolded Forend
Hogue Overmolded Forend
Recommended Product:

Hogue Stock and Forend Remington 870
Hogue Stock and Forend Remington 870
More information: http://tinyurl.com/d8w4py2

CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp and FAB Defense Speedlight flashlight

CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp and FAB Defense Speedlight flashlight are great. MOD-C is lightweight, low profile and easy to install. This clamp holds both magazine extension and flashlight securely even after numerous shots.

CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp
CDM Gear MOD-C Flashlight Clamp

Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle

Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle enables you to have additional ammunition on your shotgun. It is very easy to load a shotgun using sidesaddle. Mesa Tactical Side Saddles are used on police, competition, tactical and home defense shotguns. If you want to have a high-quality and durable Side Saddle which will last for years – choose Mesa.

Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle
Mesa Tactical 6-Round Side Saddle

S&J Oversized Safety Button

S&J oversized safety button is one of the best on the market. It allows you to find and disengage safety easily. Standard safety button is too small and this upgrade is highly recommended.

More information: http://www.sjhardware.com

S&J Oversized Safety Button
S&J Oversized Safety Button

Remington 870 is the best choice for home defense. Tactical accessories make this shotgun even better and more effective. Choose only simple and reliable upgrades and you will have great tactical shotgun not tacticool one.

Some upgrades are must have, they enable you to use your Remington 870 shotgun in low light conditions or under stress.

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  1. Looks good Vitaly! Two things I don’t agree with however:
    1. Sling – I’m not sure it serves too much of a purpose on a home defense gun other than getting hung up on something.

    2. Iron sights – Great for 50 yard slug shots, not for the speed and instinctive shooting required in a home defense situation.

    Both of these comments are my own observations for my particular situation however, and everyone needs to evaluate their own situation.


    P.S. You’re killing me with those pics of your Mesa Side Saddle; next month I think I’ll be able to afford an 8 rounder… and the SpeedFeed stock set I’ve been drooling over.

    1. Jon, thanks for your comments!

      1. Yes, there are a lot of discussions about sling on a home defense shotgun, but 3-point wilderness sling is very convenient for me.
      2. I agree, but ghost ring sights are not very convenient for me. Also, tritium sights are easy to use in low light conditions.

      Yes, Mesa Side Saddle looks fantastic. I thought that 6-round side saddle will be too long but now I would prefer to have the 8-round version!


  2. I too agree that a sling on an HD shotgun is unnecessary. If you’re planning on carrying the gun around.. why not use a Voodoo Tactical Scabbard instead? The gun can be quickly and easily removed and the scabbard can even accommodate a sidesaddle. Great site by the way.. very informative.


    1. Sergei,

      Thanks for your comment! I like how Voodoo Tactical scabbard looks like but I think it is more convenient to use a sling in a home defense situation.


      1. Big Daddy

        The reason I feel a sling should be used in a HD situation is simple. By having a sling and using it an attacker has less of a chance to separate you from you weapon. Even if you are close and fighting if the barrel is far enough away from you the trigger can be pulled. Even if the attacker does not get the full amount of shot the blast concussion effect is enough for a follow up shot to be made more accurately. Or even another shot to be taken until the attacker is totally incapacitated.

  3. I think a quick adjusting 2 point tactical sling on any defensive firearm can be an asset. For one thing it acts as a weapon retention device, two it offers support in triangulating and steadying the weapon during fire, three it offers transition to a sidearrm in confined space. Lastly it offers support for one handed use and support against fatigue from the weight of a fully loaded shotgun during the interim before police can arrive and assume control of a situation. As with all equipment, it’s employment must be practiced but it’s pros outweigh its cons for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Fled!

      Yes, that is why I have a 3-point sling on my shotgun.

  4. Again, speaking for myself, I think I would find a tritium bead about the best shotgun sight for home defense. I also want to have sling attachment points on my shotgun, but it won’t wear a sling full-time.


  5. travis alexander

    Sweet set-up. Everything is perfectly functional. Really nice looking 870.

  6. just an update on our jumbo safety, wehave changed the profile just alittle, we have made it so it does not stick out so far.
    Not a big change, just about 30thou.
    some people found that it stuck out a little far.
    can be see here http://www.sjhardware.com

  7. Simon,

    Thanks for your comment! Will new jumbo safety work with Knoxx recoil reducing stock?


  8. Great looking weapon. I don’t use a sling for HD because I am afraid it wil get hung up on something. I do have slings mounts because the HD shotgun classes all require it. I prefer the factory bead sight for quick acquisition of target at close range in the house. Don’t have time to use any other type of sight. I have an adjustable tactical stock to keep the weapon as short as possible. I also love my S&J safety button. I also agree that the CDM Gear MOD-C light mount is simply awesome. I love mine.

  9. vitaly, with the 8 round mesa sureshot, do the shotshells stick out and affect the placement of the thumb? thank you for your help.

  10. P. Ted,

    I just received my 8 round Mesa side saddle and will post pics and a review once I have a chance to use it a little bit.


  11. vitaly: thank you. the picture is very helpful. i’m thankful for this great site.
    oodin: can’t wait to see your pictures! thank you in advance for posting them.

  12. Hello Vitaly and guys.
    First of all thanks for nice review and comments. Vitaly, your shotgun looks amazing.
    I have couple of questions about this setup, because it looks like similar to what I want to get.
    1) Short version of Hogue Overmolded stock. What arm length it will work with? I have normal size arm length and size between M and L will it work for me, or it’s better to try normal (not short version)?
    2) Front sling attachment. Is it one that Giles offers with sling or something else? Do you, guys, know any alternatives for it, that will work with NC extender?
    3) Have someone tried “NC Shotgun Tube Clamp w/Rail” I have Surefire with rail mount for rifle and going to use it with shotgun and found that it will be good solution. Do you know good alternatives of tube clamp with rail?
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Vitaly, please reply my email if you’ll find some free time.

  13. frank the tank

    Looks sweet! I got a question regarding compatibility with 870 and a sears model 200 12 gauge. will a tactical 870 stock fit on a sears model 200? i’ve been wanting to upgrade the stock on this old but reliable weapon and was hoping some one here could help shed some light on the subject for me, thanks.

  14. hi guys bought the 870 tactical and i love it iuse it for skeet and its my go to gun i want to do some mods like tactial style stocks and lights also seen a compleet top mount what to call it not sure heat shield but it runs only along the top from rear stock right up to front sight design like stock goast ring mount does anyone no where i can order these items

  15. B Campbell

    About the sling,

    A couple of things I’ve experienced in my life time. First, its hard to dish out an ass whoopin with a shotgun in your hands. Sling would have been handy. Second, I had a burglar proned out at gunpoint in my living room one time and there was this awkward moment when the cops showed up and I had a gun in my hand still.

    Anyway, just some personal experience.

  16. Don’t know if “Frank the Tank” is still around from last December, but if you are look into the Winchester model 1200, some of it will be pretty close. The Sears model 200 was made by Winchester and sold under “Sears” or “Ted Williams” trademarks. Sears still sells some parts online as well as Numrich gun parts. Good luck.

  17. jdford187

    yeah, tried the 6 round saddle, forend will not cycle completely as it hits on the saddle, any suggestions short of cutting down the forend?

  18. Bradley

    Is that an aftermarket barrel? If so could you point me to some good barrels for my 870?

  19. I just ordered a red fiber optic ghost ring sight set up for my 870 for just under $200. I am thinking / hoping that if I postion the side tachtical light back far enough mounted on the mesa tachtical barrel clamp the front sight will light up like a Christmas tree in the dark.. Also found a web sight that sells gunsight fiber optic material. Thinking of ordering some green and possibly replacing the red for even better visibility in low light.

  20. Does the CMD Gear Mod-C Flashlight Clamp fit a Remington 870- 20 Gauge Youth Model Synthetic Stock Shotgun ?

    1. Valued Customer

      No it does not. CDM has just released a model for 20 gauge that works on newer shotguns with the internal magazine tube detent, but does not work on the older models with the barrel lug detent. If your shotgun was made after ~2005, the new CDM mount should work. I am disgusted that their mount does not work on my older shotgun, but making it would would have required significant alterations in machining. I don’t understand why they didn’t simply downsize the MOD-C mount for 20 gauge. I guess that would have been too simple.

      1. The simple answer is that from a business standpoint, market share dictates what we make. I hate that it boils down to that but the 20ga. tactical market is just starting, which is why you don’t see a lot out there. Downsizing a mount is easy. We did it with our BMT for the 20ga with a magazine tune extension, but before we go all out making everything 20ga. we are watching how other items do and getting input on the size of the 20ga. market before we invest a lot of time and money into fixtures, programming, testing and possibly having product sit. We make a lot of BMTs in 12ga. and machine 40 hours a week, in house, every week to keep up with sales. We have recently upgraded where we can do 3 times the machining and we still fill the day making parts. Would the MOD-C sell for the 20ga. market? Sure it will, but the BMT edges out the MOD-C in sales so that is the one we made for the 20ga. first. It will tell us what we need to know and if the MOD-C is a viable product to make from an investment point of view.

  21. Thank you . Can you recommend a Flashlight Clamp or any other devise I might used to attached a Streamlight TLR-1 to my Remington 870-20 Gauge -18″ Youth Shotgun ?

  22. I am going to assume you don’t have a magazine extension on your 20 Ga. Why don’t you go to the forum and post your dilema…..

  23. The build on this is almost identical to mine with the exception of the sling. I like the idea of a three-point… which components from Giles did you use here?

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