When you think of using a firearm for home defense you might think of a handgun because it is smaller and easier to carry around. But you should also think about using a Remington 870 for defending your home as well. This pump action shotgun makes it easy for any gun owner to hit their target without having to be 100% accurate. After all, even if you practice shooting with a handgun at a shooting range and hit the target each time, it is a little different when you have to shoot a human target that is trying to hurt you. Your adrenaline will be all spiked up and you may have trouble concentrating enough to accurately aim your gun and fire at the assailant. But with a Remington 870, all you really need to do is point the gun in the general direction of your target and fire. The pellets from the shell are bound to strike the person and stop them from trying to hurt you or your family. Not only will it stop them, but it will do far more damage to them than a handgun ever would.