Magazine tube extensions for 20 Gauge Remington 870 shotgun

If you own a 20 gauge Remington 870 then you may be interested in magazine tube extensions for your shotgun. These extensions basically add extra rounds to your shotgun’s magazine tube. The extension tube gets mounted right underneath the barrel, which is where the magazine tube and fore-end are located. A normal magazine tube on a 20 gauge Remington 870 can hold four rounds of ammunition. So if you were to add a 2-round extension tube to the end of it then it could fit six rounds of ammunition instead of 4 rounds. This is a lot of ammunition for a shotgun to shoot without having to reload it. The differences between the tubes have to do with the number of extra rounds they can give you and what gauge shotgun you have. The 12-gauge extension tube with two or three rounds for the Remington 870 is the most common and it is priced at about $75.

Remington 870 20 gauge Wingmaster Magnum

Remington 870 20 gauge Wingmaster Magnum

The two main magazine extensions for the 20 gauge Remington 870 are the Nordic Components magazine tube and the Choate magazine tube. The Nordic is made of aluminum and comes in three parts. It has a high quality spring and it is light weight. Most shooters love using this extension because it doesn’t give them problems. The Choate extension has one part with one long metal tubular extension that is available in either a matte blue finish or polished blue. However, this extension requires the most modifications to be done before it can be used. This includes cutting the spring to the proper length and polishing the inside of the extension tube so that you don’t have any feeding problems.

Magazine tube extension choices for 20 Gauge Remington 870 shotgun

Owners of 20 gauge Remington 870 suffer from the small number of upgrades that available for their shotguns. They have less choices than owners of 12 gauge Remington 870s. Happily, new upgrades are regularly introduced by many manufacturers. For example: Remington 870 Mesa Tactical’s 20 Gauge to 12 Gauge Stock Adapter which enables owner of 20 gauge shotgun install 12 gauge stock.

There are no many magazine extensions available for 20 gauge Remington 870. I was able to find only two 20 gauge magazine extensions: Choate and Nordic Components.

20 Gauge Magazine Extension from Choate

I am not a big fan of Choate magazine extensions. You can read review of 12 gauge Remington 870 magazine extensions and see advantages and disadvantages in details.

Choate Remington 870 Magazine Extension, 20 Gauge

Choate Remington 870 Magazine Extension, 20 Gauge

There are several known problems with Choate magazine extension:

1. Spring needs to be cut to proper length.

2. Follower is too big and diameter need to be reduced to slide freely in the magazine tube.

3. It is difficult to thread it fully on to the existing magazine extension tube. Fits very very tight.

4. Problems with feeding, follower sticks. Can be fixed by polishing the inside of an extension tube. It looks like this extension was stamped and not made of solid piece of metal.

More information about 20 Gauge Choate Magazine Extensions:

20 Gauge Magazine Extension from Nordic Components

Nordic Components magazine extension is one of the best available on the market today. 20 gauge Nordic Components magazine extension has the same construction and advantages.
First of all it is made of aluminium. Second advantage is that it consists of 3 parts (tube, tube cap, tube nut). This extension comes with high-quality spring with black coating. And the best thing – a lot of shooters use these extensions and have no problems with them.

Now let’s have a closer look at all advantages Nordic Components extension gives to a shooter…

This extension is lightweight. If you compare it to other ones you will see a great difference in weight. Remington 870 is a heavy shotgun and is nice to have such lightweight extension.

It consists of 3 parts: tube, tube end cap, tube nut. This allows you to have one +5 tube for competitions and one +3 tube for home-defense. +5 tube allows to have more rounds but it sticks out too much, it is much better to have a shorter tube for use in close quarters.

Nordic Components Remington 870 Magazine Extension, 20 Gauge

Nordic Components Remington 870 Magazine Extension, 20 Gauge

Also, after installation, you can take out the end cap and look inside your magazine tube to check if everything is ok.

The spring is fantastic. This is the best spring for a magazine extension you can find. I have seen many of them, the best one is from Nordic Components, the worst one is made by Choate.

More information about 20 Gauge Nordic Components Magazine Extensions:

All the 20 gauge magazine extension tubes have their good and bad qualities. If you ask gun owners which ones they like best then they will likely give you different answers. The only way to know which extension will work best for you is to try them out for yourself and experiment with them. Then you will know the answer.