I received Real Avid Gun Tool Pro Multi-Tool as a gift for my Birthday. I always wanted to buy it, so I was very happy to receive it :)

This multi-tool is designed specially for guns. That is why Real Avid Gun Tool Pro is full of useful features and tools. Now I don’t need my regular multi-tool because I can disassemble, clean and reassemble my guns using the one tool.

I use it mostly for shotguns but Real Avid says that it will be handy for rifles, AR-15 platforms, revolvers and pistols.

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The first thing you want to do when trying to replace the forend of your Remington 870 is to make sure the weapon is unloaded. You’ll want to check both the chamber and magazine tube by visually looking at them and by feeling around with your fingers. That way you can ensure that you don’t have any accidents during the process of replacing your forend. Next, you will need to gather the right tool for doing this job. There is a special forend removal tool that you can purchase at most gun stores, but if you have a pair of pliers then they will be fine.

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It is possible to remove the Remington 870’s forend using pliers, but if you want a better tool you can select one of the specialty wrenches available on the market today:

1. S&J Hardware Forend Removal Tool
2. UTG Deluxe Universal Shotgun Forend Wrench
3. Brownells Remington/Mossberg Forend Wrench

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