Here is review of the New Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Case from Chief Brody from Remington 870 Forum:

Hey guys, I wanted to show you a new soft case I just got from Midway. This is the Voodoo Tactical Enlarged Shotgun Case (Item no. 15-0083). After sitting on the fence for a while about ordering one, I am very impressed with the case. It is very sturdily built with 900D poly, large heavy duty zippers, lots of MOLLE, four shell pouches, another larger zippered pocket, more shell storage inside…Lots of well-thought out and nicely-executed features.

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It is possible to remove the Remington 870’s forend using pliers, but if you want a better tool you can select one of the specialty wrenches available on the market today:

1. S&J Hardware Forend Removal Tool
2. UTG Deluxe Universal Shotgun Forend Wrench
3. Brownells Remington/Mossberg Forend Wrench

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Loading Shotgun Using Shell Holders (Speed Strippers/Caddies)

Shell holders are not new but I still receive a lot of questions about speed strippers from California Competition Works and other companies.

Here is small video which shows how to load a shotgun using shell holders:

Shell caddies enable shooter to load very fast, much faster than classic bandoleers or shell holders.

Recommended Product:
California Competition Works Speed Stripper
California Competition Works Speed Stripper
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How to Measure Your Progress in Shotgun Shooting (Shooting Timer)

It’s easy to measure your progress in different sports or hobbies. What about shooting? It can be measured too. All you need is shooting timer. It eanbles you to test your skills and see what technique allows you to shoot or reload faster.

Shooting Timer
Shooting Timer

You will find some basic drills which you can do with your shotgun and timer to measure your progress.

All drills can be done from several load conditions:

1 – Chamber loaded, magazine loaded, safety on.

2 – Chamber empty, magazine loaded, safety off.

3 – Chamber empty, magazine empty, safety off.

Time of the first shot – shooting timer shows how fast you make first shot. It is very important to shoot fast and accurately. Start with your shotgun at a waist level. Try to shoot as fast as possible.

Load four shells and make a first shot –  this way you will see how fast you load 4 shells into your shotgun.

Load eight shells and make a first shot – shooting timer will show how fast you load eight shells.

Make two shots – shooting timer has special “split” time which shows how fast you do follow up shots.

Always keep record of your results, this will help you to see your progress.

Recommended product:
Shooting Timer CED7000
Shooting Timer CED7000
Get Shooting Timer CED7000 on Brownells
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