AK-47 Suppressor from Strela

AK-47 Silencer from Strela

Offtopic abot AK-47 today. This suppressor is built for 7.62×39 caliber. Manufacturer has suppressors for other calibers as well. This is the 3rd Generation of the Strela suppressors. First suppressor was made by this company after the start of war on the east of Ukraine. Army, law enforcement and special forces needed inexpensive and quality suppressors for their work. I know that there is huge difference between Gen 1 and Gen 3. Silencer is made of a high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and fit AK-47 rifles without any problems. This AK-47 silencer is affordable and costs just $237.5

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The Best Shooting Glasses: ESS, Rudy Project, Remington, UPDATED 2020

Ess Crossbow Suppressor Glasses

I have tried many shooting glasses with lenses of different colors and with different frames. Simple and expensive, all of them had similar problems – you would feel pain after just several hours of wearing shooting glasses together with earmuffs. Earmuffs create pressure on ears which then press on glasses’ temple arms which press on head. And after a long day on the range you would feel pain in ears and head for several hours. I was wondering why any of the manufacturers have not solved this problem and was looking for something that will be more comfortable for a long time.

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