There were several articles about special rigs for Load-2 and Load-4 loading:

Awen Innovations Load-4 Belt
Load-4 (Load-Quad) Belts for 3-Gun and Practical Shooting (IPSC, USPSA), Part 1
EZLOAD Quad-Load Belt for IPSC (Practical Shooting) and 3-Gun – Review

And now I am happy to review one more rig for Load-2 and Load-4, this time from Magload. This company has a lot of interesting and high-quality products.

For more than 3 months, I have tested this rig during cold and rainy weather conditions and it has worked great! I have tested it for both strong and weak hand loading. It holds shotshells reliably, but you can easily grab them too. There are also interesting add-ons available, such as double magnet GRIP tops and spring spacers which are used for adding more spring tension. The rig still works perfectly fine without these add-ons, but it is good to know that you can make a custom order for additional features if you want them.

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My name is Norbert, I am a French IPSC handgun shooter but beginner in the practical shotgun area.
As a newbie, I was obviously looking for some equipment…

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