Remington is a popular shotgun brand that has been around for almost one hundred years. People love to use Remington shotguns for all kinds of shooting activities such as hunting, target shooting, and even home defense. The type of ammunition they use will typically depend on what they plan to use their shotgun for. If they are going to go out and shoot ducks, then you would use birdshot. You would use buckshot for home defense. However, if you plan on hunting bigger animals like deer, then you’ll want to use slugs with your Remington 870 shotgun. Slugs are the deadliest form of ammunition and they are quicker to kill a target than birdshot or buckshot.

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The choke tube is a constrictive piece that goes inside the bore of your shotgun in order to change the pattern and range. If you are using a shotgun shell with pellets in it, such as buckshot or birdshot, then a choke tube will help prevent the pellets from spreading at too wide of a range. As for those using slugs, a rifled choke tube will give this particular type of ammunition the best accuracy and range it could possibly have.

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I’ve bought a rifled choke a lot of time ago. Finally, I have tested it on the range today. Rifled choke is believed to stabilize a projectile in flight giving it a spin and better accuracy.

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This is shotgun slug from Ukrainian manufacturer – Takho. This is not the most accurate slug, it is good for trainings and fun shooting.

The smokeless powder looks like green rectangular flakes.

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Geco Competition Slug

A lot of readers ask me about the slugs I use. After many tests I have found slug which works best with my shotgun (Remington 870, 20″ IMP CYL barrel). It is Geco Competition Slug. This is Brenneke type slug made in Germany.

Here are some characteristics of the Geco Competition Slug:
Gauge: 12
Length: 67.5 mm
Weight: 28.5 g

Here is how it looks like, I have even cut one shell to show you contents:

Geco Competition Slug
Geco Competition Slug

Geco slug has integrated polymer wad/gas seal inserted into hollow base of the slug. It stabilizes the slug as it exits the barrel of a shotgun.

Geco Competition Slug
Geco Competition Slug

The shotshell has 51g of smokeless powder. It looks like green/red square flakes.

Geco Competition Slug
Geco Competition Slug

This slug is extremely accurate. I use Geco Competition Slug during all competitions. It has proved to be effective on all distances.

The recoil is acceptable and enables me to shoot pretty fast. The length is short and allows me loading shells fast also saving space in magazine tube.

Highly recommended. But you need to test it before use, it may not fit your shotgun.

How to shoot slugs from smoothbore shotgun

Brenneke shotgun slug
Brenneke shotgun slug

I’ve heard many shooters complain about the unpredictability of shooting slugs out of smooth bore shotgun. Many newbie shooters complain about ammunition, shotgun, wind and other things. The truth is that shooting slugs requires more concentration and skills.

Here are basic things to remember when shooting slugs out of shotgun:
1. Zero your shotgun (if you have adjustable sights). It is not possible
to hit the target if you haven’t zeroed your firearm.
2. Buy a bunch of slugs from different manufacturers to find the one that
works well with your shotgun. It is important to test many of them to find
the one.
3. Control your breath, pause breathing while pressing the trigger.
4. Use both eyes for better accuracy.
5. Pull the trigger smoothly.
6. It is recommended to use Cyl or Imp Cyl chokes when shooting slugs for
better accuracy
7. Relax. You can’t hit a target with your hands trembling.
8. Use your sights. It is not intuitive shooting; you need to use your

That’s it; those advices will dramatically improve your experience with shotguns slugs. Shooting slugs out of shotgun is not games of chance. Shotgun is a precision weapon.

What is your experience shooting slugs out of smooth bore shotgun? Please leave a comment.

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