The AK-47 is one of the most popular rifles in the world. It provides many advantages to its users, such as reliability and simple construction. But it also has disadvantages too, such as poor ergonomics of standard parts. However, there are many upgrades available for the AK-47 rifle which fix this issue and make the Kalashnikov much more convenient.

One such upgrade is a long aluminum forend made by a Ukrainian company named Crook. Let’s have a closer look at this AK-47 upgrade and the advantages it gives to a shooter.

CRC 1U004 by Crook - Ukrainian Forend for AK-47

CRC 1U004 by Crook – Ukrainian Forend for AK-47

First Impressions

The forend completely changes the look and feel of your AK-47 rifle. It’s much lighter than I thought but still very solid. The cutouts make it lightweight and look cool. I was really impressed by the features, look, and weight of this forend.

The forend is much longer than a standard one and it enables the shooter to have a reliable modern grip. That way, you can improve your accuracy and overall rifle performance. This also makes the rifle better for shooters who have longer hands.

The Cerakote finish of the forend is excellent and I really like the Coyote Tan color. You can choose other colors as well, such as Armor Black and Forest Green.

Long, light and with M-Lok Interface

The 360 mm (14.2 inches) forend has an M-Lok firearm rail interface that was developed by the Magpul design team. This interface becomes more and more popular and you can find numerous compatible accessories for it.

The CRC 1U004 Crook forend is precision machined from aluminum. It is rigid and lightweight; the weight of this long forend is just 420 grams (14.81 oz).
The M-Lok slots are clean, so you’ll have no problems attaching items. And you’ll have plenty of them too.

CRC 1U004 by Crook - Ukrainian Forend for AK-47

CRC 1U004 by Crook – Ukrainian Forend for AK-47


Installation is very simple and doesn’t require any modification of your AK-47. Therefore, you don’t need to be a gunsmith to install it. The installation process takes just 15 minutes. After that, you can use it for a very long time without any problems. I would recommend using Loctite for the most reliable installation.

It is a great fit on my Soviet-era AK-47 and I know that it can be installed on any other AK rifle without any issues.


The ergonomics of the new forend are awesome and feels very good in my hand. You can use different types of grips and install accessories which make the rifle more efficient and easier to use. There are numerous M-Lok slots to install everything you may need, such as a holographic sight, bipod, flashlight, angled grip, etc. The length of the forend enables the shooter to install a bipod as close to the end of the barrel as possible for better stability.

The thin profile of the forend makes it really easy to grip for fast follow-up shots. Also, it is very good for shooting at longer distances.

The CRC 1U004 Crook forend completely changes the look and feel of the standard AK-47 rifle. It adds flexibility and enables the shooter to add equipment to the rifle. This attractive, high-quality forend is a very nice upgrade for any AK-47 rifle.

I can see many uses for this forend, from competition rifles to tactical ones. It is lightweight and strong. The finish on the handguard looks and feels really nice.

Price and Ordering

The 14-inch aluminum Cerakote Coated forend is $204. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer: Crook

P.S.: The stock which you can see in the photos is still in development, but it looks really promising.

Other Products by Crook Company

You can find many other products on their website. There are different types of rails, bipod adapters, forends, rifle chassis, rifle stocks and upgrades for the AK, SVD, Mosin, etc. All of them are inexpensive because they are made in Ukraine. But they are high quality and very well made.