Heckler & Koch is a German company that started out as a small manufacturer of firearms. In 1966, the engineers of this company introduced a new 9mm submachine gun called the Heckler & Koch MP5. The popularity of the MP5 would eventually make it one of the most popular and sought after submachine guns anywhere. Not only did it become popular in West Germany, but it was also sold and/or licensed through manufacturers in China, United States, Turkey, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Greece, France, Pakistan, Sudan, and others. In fact, there are more than 100 different variations of the Heckler and Koch MP5 because of its popularity. Some foreign manufacturers have even gone as far as to make semi-automatic versions of the MP5.

Turkish manufacturer MKE produces MP5 (T94) for the civilian market. Technically the T94 is not a clone of the MP5 because it is manufactured on H&K-licensed machinery in Turkey. MKE manufactures a wide range of H&K firearms under license.

And MKE T94 (or Zenith Z-5 in US) is my new gun!

Choate H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock on MKE T94 (Zenith Z-5) Rifle

Choate H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock on MKE T94 (Zenith Z-5) Rifle

What is Heckler & Koch MP5 (MKE T94 or Zenith Z-5 in US)

So, what is so special about the Heckler and Koch MP5? If you talk to anyone who has used it, they will tell you that the MP5 is extremely reliable and safe to use. When you hold the MP5 in your hands, it is easy to carry it around and handle it in a tough combat situation. Plus, you will have great accuracy with the MP5 each time you pull the trigger. Every shot will be simple to control and coordinate that it will be virtually impossible for any decent gun user to miss. The best part is the weapon is modular which means you can upgrade and improve the weapon from its factory condition.

The biggest market for the Hecker & Koch MP5 is the military, law enforcement, and security agencies. Their officers depend on the MP5’s reliability to keep them alive and on the attack in any aggressive situation. Some of the most famous wars and battles where the MP5 was used heavily included the Gulf War, Colombian Conflict, the Lebanese Civil War, Operation Eagle Claw, and the Iranian Embassy Siege.

Because of the modularity of the MP5, many of the variations have been designed to accommodate specific tactical demands and requirements. This makes the MP5 a weapon that can be used universally no matter what the conditions are in a particular area.

Since there are different variations of the Heckler & Koch MP5, you can find them being sold for all different prices. There are some models that are in the $500 range while there are others which are priced in the $2,000s. The best advice is to purchase your MP5 (T-94 or Zenith Z-5) from a licensed gun dealer who is authorized to sell them to civilian market.

H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock

The H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock is a beneficial upgrade if you want to add an alternative stock to your Heckler and Koch MP5, 93, 94, T-94 or Zenith Z-5 submachine guns. You can adjust the length of pull anywhere from 14 3/8” to 15 7/8”, thanks to the spacer system of this stock. Anyone who is short or wears a thick body armor will benefit from this system the most because it will accommodate their unique body stature and width. This means no more having to keep readjusting yourself as you aim since it will be faster and simpler to get comfortable.

Choate H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock on MKE T94 (Zenith Z-5) Rifle

Choate H&K MP5/93/94 Adjustable Length of Pull Folding Stock on MKE T94 (Zenith Z-5) Rifle

Military and law enforcement officers are always needing this type of upgrade because of their different statures and the fact that they are always wearing body armor.

Of course, there are people who still like to use their Heckler & Koch MP5, 93, or 94 for hunting or target shooting purposes. In fact, adding this stock would be a great way to practice shooting your weapon so that you can find it more comfortable than the factory one. Because of the modularity of these weapons, gun users throughout the world are always looking for the next best upgrade for their Hecker & Koch submachine gun. You can’t do much better than with this folding stock because it is one of the best stocks there is for it. It makes the MP5 (T-94 or Zenith Z-5) very compact for transportation.

This stock contains a folding arm and steel housing which is fast to use. It will fit any Heckler & Koch MP5, 93, or 94 weapons as long as it has one pin and one plastic end cap. You can purchase this weapon from the RifleStock.com website where you will be entitled to a lifetime warranty with your purchase. The price of this folding stock is $169.60, which is a very good deal if you want a modern stock which can be folded. Any serious gun user will certainly find this investment to be worth it.

Thanks to Choate Machine and Tool for the stock for review. Official website: Choate