There were several reviews of the Bullpup Unlimited Kit on blog. Finally, I’ve got a chance to test it myself and make a review.

The Remington 870 pump action shotgun has been around for a long time because it is an indestructible weapon that is totally reliable. The shotgun is about 38.5 inches long and is fairly inexpensive to the average consumer and gun lover. Those who already have a Remington 870 can purchase the Remington 870 Unlimited Bullpup Kit to make it shorter in length. This is a conversion kit that will modify your existing 12 gauge Remington 870 shotgun by taking off ten inches from its total length. This means you will be left with a shotgun that is 28.5 inches instead of 38.5 inches. The result will be a shotgun that still retains its reliability and practicality that Remington 870s are known for. The bullpup kit includes all of the necessary tools to complete this conversion, which can be done in less than an hour if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you are doing then don’t worry. The kit comes with a set of instructions that even novice gun owners can understand. The conversion is also reversible in case you decide to change its length back to what it was originally.

If you have experience with Remington 870 shotguns then your first impressions of the bullpup kit will be great. The controls will seem familiar to you and it will shoulder easily. The kit comes with an AR-15 safety trigger (with Glock-type safety) and pistol grip. It is also designed to accept a lot of different AR-type accessories. Anyone who has experience using AR-15s will be very comfortable with the parts included in this kit. You will also notice there is easy access to the loading port, an easy to grip sliding forearm, a smooth slide release area, and various rail mounting areas that are all suitable for tactical accessories.

The bullpup kit can be purchased directly through Bullpup Unlimited Inc. At about $298, the kit will give you everything you need to complete the conversion except for the actual shotgun itself. The parts in the kit are manufactured from molded materials that are hi-tech and rugged. The best part is that it does not alter the original impact of the shotgun in any way. If you are looking for an affordable Remington 870 then you can find plenty of them for under $500. It should only take about two days to receive your bullpup kit in the mail after you order it online.

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870

So, what is bullpup? Bullpup is a firearm with its action behind its trigger group. The most famous bullpups are AUG and Tavor rifles. The most famouse bullpup shotguns are US made Kel-tec KSG and Turkish UTS-15. This configuration permits a shorter overall weapon for a given barrel length. Bullpup shotguns are very compact which makes them very good for home defense use.

Installation is very easy and simple, takes just about 30 minutes. I thought that installation would be more difficult but had no problems with it.
Attention: you need to remove rail from receiver if you have one. Also, Bullpup Unlimited kit cannot be installed with oversize safety button.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Remington 870 with Bullpup Unlimited kit?
The main advantage is a compact size of a shotgun. It enables you to maneuver easily in close quarters. The balance becomes absolutely different and you can use your shotgun even with one hand.

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870

Compact shotgun allows better maneuverability in confined spaces, for example inside of the buildings or inside of the car. It is much easier to open doors and maneuver around the house with bullpup Remington 870.

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870

Comparing with regular Remington 870, there were almost no muzzle rise. The recoil is little different because of the bullpup configuration. What I didn’t like was pistol grip. Pistol grip is not the most comfortable one. But you can replace it with any AR-15 pistol grip easily. Also, part of the recoild hits your wrist which is disadvantage of all pistol grip stocks.

There is a full length picattinny rail on upper of the Bullpup Unlimited kit. Also, you have two additional rails on the front left and right sides of the upper. Be careful when installing additional equipment on the left rail. I have installed flashlight on that rail and my friend has broken his nail sliding forend forward.

Full length rail enables you to install flip-up sights or red dot sight. I have installed Magpul sights but they weren’t very comfortable because of very short distance between them.

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870

But there are disadvantages of this kit. The main disadvantage is that shooting from the left shoulder is very unconvenient. Left-handed shooters are not going to like bullpup Remington 870. Chamber is very close to the face, so spent shells and somke are going to be very close to your face.

I was curious how this kit works. Everything is very simple, trigger rod connects trigger of the bullpup kit with Remington 870 trigger:

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870

Controls are very interesting. Safety button is the same like on AR-15 rifle. So it has all of the advantages of the standard AR-15 safety. You can quickly disengage it with your thumb.

Disconnector button is very big so it is easy to find and press it but it is located very far to the back.

Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870 - Safety Button
Bullpup Unlimited Kit for Remington 870 – Safety Button

Bullpup Unlimited kit for Remington 870 has its advantages and disadvantages. It makes standard Reminton 870 very compact and good for CQB. You can have completely different weapon with this kit. But the price is really high, it is about $350.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun with this kit and think that Bullpup Unlimited is a very nice and interesting toy for all Remington 870 owners.

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  1. How can I find out the specs for Remington 870? What it can and cannot have to fit the bull pup?

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