Remington 870 with Long and Short Barrel. Long barrel is good for hunting, trap, skeet and competition shooting. Short barrel is good for home defense.

Remington 870 with Long Barrel
Remington 870 with Long Barrel
Remington 870 with Short Barrel
Remington 870 with Short Barrel


  1. Such a useful weapon. My son and I both have the long barrel Remington 870 and love hunting with it.

  2. Alexander Brown

    I personally like the short barrel Remington 870. I’m not that knowledgeable with weapons but I think that you can use the short one for close range hunting, can’t you? I’m actually curios: what range does the short barrel Remington have? It seems great for home defense especially after you add a 6 shell holder (that would make it look so awesome).

  3. Collins Bruer

    I recently added a plus 2 magazine extension to my 870.

    Is there anything available to reduce this to a 3 shell limit if I should want to hunt with it?

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