GG&G Remington 870 Enhanced Follower
GG&G Remington 870 Enhanced Follower

Manufactures Description Specifications
• Installation is the same as the factory 870 follower so no modifications are needed
• Manufactured from stainless steel
• The 870 follower has a deep spring pocket for better spring control and movement

Unfortunately, the factory follower in the Remington 870 is plastic and being plastic, it wears out quickly. However, the fix is the GG&G Rem 870 Enhanced Follower made out of stainless steel. The fix is quite easy and inexpensive. Once you have replaced the factory installed plastic follower, you may very well never have to worry about it ever again.
You can take a quick glance and determine your shell status, empty or not or even feel with a finger if you do not want to move the weapon out of position. According to the manufacturer, no modifications are required and it should easily slip into position. Of course, if you don’t have dimples in magazine tube.

The spring binding problem is eliminated after installation of the GG&G Rem 870 Enhanced Follower. Plastic of course will lose its shape rather quickly and will bind up making reloading more difficult. Frankly, there was absolutely no reason to put any plastic components in a shotgun let alone a critical component such as the follower but fortunately, the problem can be easily fixed.

The Remington 870 should not have dimples that need to be removed to allow the follower to fit.

GG&G Remington 870 Enhanced Follower
GG&G Remington 870 Enhanced Follower

The biggest problem with the factory follower was after the first pump the next shell would hang up once there was some wear on the plastic. This can be a serious problem in a home defense or tactical situation. The GG&G 870 Enhanced Follower is an ideal upgrade even if you are not currently having a problem.

It is well worth the peace of mind knowing it will not fail at a critical moment. No one wants a feeding problem at anytime and having a component fail on a hunting expedition may mean you have to leave for home empty handed.
Even though it is important to keep your weapon cleaned and not let the fouling build up a dirty weapon will not have any effect on the stainless steel follower whereas a plastic one can easily bind up from grit and fouling.

Coloring for ready identification is not perfect and a neon or day glow type coloring could do a better job. Certain lighting conditions can cause it to be less visible but for the most part this is not a problem.

The GG&G enhanced Follower is ideal for hunting weapons, home defense and tactical weapons. Competition shooters will definitely benefit from a stainless steel follower that will not fail to deliver every time.


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