Custom Firearm Grips from Rat Grips

Rich has posted very useful information about Rat Grips on Remington 870 Forum:

Custom Firearm Grips with Rat Grips

Custom Firearm Grips with Rat Grips

Wanted a new grip for my AR to get betting trigger finger placement, and even the Ergo grip wasn’t enough to stop me wrapping my finger around the trigger completely… so thought I’d try a custom one.

Moldable Grip System from Rat Grips

Moldable Grip System from Rat Grips (yeah, the video’s are a bit too tacti-cool for me, but skip the intro and turn the music down and the how-to’s are pretty straight forward)

These are plastic pieces that you heat with a heatgun to make them soft and sticky, pop them on your gun and mould to the shape of your hand/cheek.

You’re going to want to use the glove provided. That molten plastic burns like hellfire. And it’s as simple as that. Heat the plastic, stick it on, mould where you want it to go, and voila. The longer you spend, the better it’ll look. Well, it won’t win any beauty awards, but it’ll be damn comfortable!

Not too keen to put it on my lovely Claro Walnut Wingmaster 870, but might interest some people. The pads they do would make a great custom cheek pad.