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KWhite, one of the members of the Remington 870 forum has asked question about Remington 870 Tactical:

“I just bought my first 870 (I came over from the also excellent Winnie 1300) and ended up getting the basic Tactical. I ordered a Rem slug barrel online – 20″ smoothbore -and I just dropped it in.

An issue: the barrel is fully seated but does not ‘lock’ in, i.e. I can manually disengage the barrel from the receiver quite easily. This seems… problematic.

The 18.5 tactical barrel I just took off of it has a belted groove near the receiver end that seats in the receiver that the slug barrel lacks, as well as a shallower slot opposite the receiver’s opening. Is this what is causing the slide-out?”

Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove
Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove

“What it looks like is that the barrel ring on the tactical barrel is what holds the barrel on by its tight proximity to the mag cap (extended mag). Since the slug barrel’s ring is farther down the barrel, and therefore not in contact with the mag cap, then there’s naught to hold the barrel into the receiver.”

Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove
Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove


Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove
Remington 870 Tactical Belt Groove

Later, he has found solution to this problem:

“I just learned this about the 870 Tactical: “Due to the location of the barrel ring on this model you can not change to other Remington Barrels as this is the only one made for this weapon.

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  1. I have the 870 tactical with an 18 inch barrel. I wanted to switch to an 18.5 with a remchoke, I did the exact same thing it did not lock i can manually disengage the barrel. Is this hopeless or can a smith do something about it

  2. JonSEAZ

    I recently bought and received a Remington Express Tactical Pistol Grip Rem model #81191 and replaced its 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel with a Carlson 18.5″ chrome lined barrel factory threaded for Rem chokes. Except for a slightly different cut for the bolt to lock into, it appeared to be made to the same measurements as the factory barrel, I ran 25 shells through it with no problem. I bought the pistol grip model because it has the Rem factory magazine extension already installed and appears to be built like the police model other than finish and a couple of springs, previously discussed on this site. As per my usual practice, I installed a Speedfeed IV-s pistol grip butt stock on the gun, replaced the carrier dog follower spring with the much stronger 1100 spring and the MIM extractor. I also dehorned the gun of sharp edges and will be manganese Parking it. After the Parking is done I will epoxy on an XS Big Dot front sight to help my poor old eyes. The barrel on this model fits exactly like my 1980s 870 Sportsman and my late 1990s Marine Magnum, being held securely in place by by the magazine cap or mag extension ring screwed down tightly against the barrel ring. What model Tactical is the one which has a different barrel?

  3. JonSEAZ

    Some further information about Remington barrels. Checking the Remington web site, they show no barrels specifically for the Tactical shotgun.
    Remington’s full parts list of barrels for the 870 shows many 18 and 20 inch barrels, apparently all interchangeable except for one, which is for the more recently introduced one-piece magazine tube, which I believe has the barrel ring located farther forward on the barrel: F405462 V-3 870 BBL 12/18.5 BS CYL 1PC MAG TUBE 150.00

    A picture of this particular design is on this web site at It is Remington model 81404 and is shown on their web site

    1. Mike Villers

      I was just on the line with CS at Remington and was told that for the one with the one piece magazine tube, you need only to add Remington’s Tactical spacer, $22.39 item# F402819 off their site or another if it matches the item # of theirs and it solves the problem of fitting the barrel ring. I’ve no experience with this but it is what I am after to solve the problem. Of course it’s out of stock when I wanted it. Will try as soon as I can find one.

  4. Gerald Keister

    I just bought an 870 tactical Magpul with the tactical choke. Can I shoot rifled slugs through this barrel or do I need to replace it. What type of shells can I use. Thank you

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