I have received a Remington Knife today and want to share information about it with you.

Remington Knife (Non-Slip Handle)

Remington Knife (Non-Slip Handle)

Some people don’t know about this but Remington manufacturing knives from the early 1920’s.

Remington Knife, Sportsman Series, Non-Slip Handle Edition
It comes in a nice package with leather sheath included. Remington knife has a clip point blade and made of stainless steal.

Remington Knife

From the description of the knife:
“The steel is hardened and tempered for toughness and extended edge retention, then hand honed to a super sharp cutting edge”.
Also, you will find instructions on use of your new knife in the box:
Do’s and Don’ts
Sharpening Your Knife
Full Lifetime Warranty

Rubber finger groove handle provides a superb grip and I really like how it feels in your hand. Black leather sheath is a nice addition to this knife, it has a belt loop and looks reliable. This knife is nice, simple and inexpensive.