What to take with you hunting?

There is no doubt that people still love to hunt. Even Former Vice President Dick Cheney loves to hunt, although it may not be a good idea to be his hunting partner. Before you go out hunting, it is important that you take some essential items with you. Besides your rifle and ammunition, you will want to wear a reflective vest. That way if another hunter is out at nighttime with their flashlight and hunting rifle, the light from the flashlight will make your vest light up. This will indicate to the hunter that you are a human being and not some kind of animal, like a deer. Failure to wear a reflective vest could result in you getting accidentally shot at nighttime, or even during the day in some cases. And of course, don’t forget to bring a flashlight yourself because you won’t want to end up shooting someone else accidentally either. You may not be as lucky as the vice president to get away with it.

Another major accessory you will want to bring is a water resistant backpack. This backpack will hold any electronic devices you bring on the hunt, such as a Smartphone. That way if it rains the device will stay protected in the backpack. You can also store your ammunition and gun accessories in there for safe keeping. If you plan on being out in the woods for a long time then you might want to pack a few meals and some wet wipes. The wet wipes will not only come in handy for cleaning your hands after eating, but they can also act as toilet paper for wiping your anus if you have to release bodily waste as well. After all, there is no sense in holding it in if you are out all day.

Finally, if you plan on taking your prey back with you then it will help to have plastic wrap and ropes to carry the bodies back. If you have access to a wheelbarrow then that will be even better, but if you are deep into the woods then this is unlikely going to be the case. So with the plastic wrap, just completely cover the animal with the plastic. That way the blood of the animal won’t be sensed by any dangerous animals in the woods, like bears. Next, tie the ropes around the prey and drag it back to your camp or rest area. Make sure to bring a tent if you plan on staying outside overnight. This is all you really need.