Blackhawk Inc. is a company that is well known for their quality tactical clothing and equipment. Shotshell sling is made of sturdy 2 inch nylon and very well made. This product combines shotgun bandoleer and sling. It holds 15 rounds tight and reliably. But it is easy to takem them out of the loops.

Blackhawk Inc. Shotshell Sling Review

Blackhawk Inc. Shotshell Sling Review

The idea is the same as when using sidesaddle. When you grab your shotgun in the night, you only have ammo that is in your shotgun or on your shotgun. Sidesaddle enables you to have 4-8 rounds; sling enables you having 15 rounds on your shotgun.

But there are several disadvantages when using Blackhawk shotshell sling. First, it is very heavy and your muscles are going to be tired when holding your shotgun with shotshell sling installed for a long time. The only way to use it comfortably is to have sling over your shoulder. You will need to practice with it to use it effectively.

Another disadvantage of a sling on a home defense Remington 870 shotgun is that it can hung up on doorknobs and furniture. I often see how 2-point and 3-point slings became uncomfortable when loading a shotgun, when walking through imitation of building or even can come in the way of sights.
You can use standard sling swivels (not included) with very easy to use steel spring hooks. It is easy to attach and remove this Blackhawk shotshell sling.

Great shotshell sling for the money. Costs just 19 bucks. Looks good, works good but rather heavy with 15 shotshells loaded, so you will need to get some practice to use it effectively.