Best Thermal Sight/Scope for Rifles/Shotguns

ATN Thor

Rifles are great weapons for hunting or when you’re performing any kind of long range shooting activity. But if you want to increase your chances of hitting a target, then you should definitely invest in a sight scope accessory as an add-on for your rifle. A sight scope is generally installed on the top of your rifle and it allows you to see far away targets at a closer range. These scopes generally include a crosshair as well so you can easily align your target in the middle of the crosshair and then shoot the target with an almost guaranteed chance of hitting it successfully. If you are a sniper or long distance shooter of any kind, you will certainly want to invest in a sight scope.

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AK-47 Suppressor from Strela

AK-47 Silencer from Strela

Offtopic abot AK-47 today. This suppressor is built for 7.62×39 caliber. Manufacturer has suppressors for other calibers as well. This is the 3rd Generation of the Strela suppressors. First suppressor was made by this company after the start of war on the east of Ukraine. Army, law enforcement and special forces needed inexpensive and quality suppressors for their work. I know that there is huge difference between Gen 1 and Gen 3. Silencer is made of a high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and fit AK-47 rifles without any problems. This AK-47 silencer is affordable and costs just $237.5

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