Practical shotgun shooting is a very interesting sport. There are many types of the competitions you can take part in. Some shooters prefer to use Remington 870. First of all, they need to make Remington 870 Modification for More Reliable Fast Shooting. This modification enables you to shoot as fast as possible.

Then you need to polish and modify loading port.

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This modification was invented and tested by my friend Oleg Datsenko.
Thanks to Sync for illustrations.

Remington 870 pump-action shotgun is simple and reliable. Simple construction of a shotgun is tested by time and by law enforcement and military members. This is very nice shotgun for hunting, home-defense and for police in close quarters combat.

But construction is not perfect for competitive shooting. There is no such thing as a perfect shotgun and all shotguns need tuning and enhancements for competitive shooting like matches of International Practical Shooting Confederation (United States Practical Shooting Association) or 3-Gun. Remington 870 as a shotgun for dynamic shooting has some disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at a problem which competition shooters experience when they try to shoot multiple targets really fast.

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My friend bought a new Benelli Supernova and asked me to help with basic tuning modification for practical shooting.

So, we started polishing action bars, it makes work of a shotgun smoother:

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I’ve heard about this Remington 870 modification several times. I was not sure about it because it requires modification of the ejection window and it cannot be undone. This is the most radical way to improve reliability of your Remington 870, so if you don’t have many issues with extraction you don’t need it.

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Remington 870 extractor modification is one of often questions I received. Many people heard about it but not many did this. This is believed to improve the extraction of fired shells.

This modification was first recommended by American Gunsmithing Institute in their Building The Fighting Remington 870 Shotgun video. Radiusing the extractor is done to ensure better contact of extractor and shell.

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