Remington 700 history

In 1962, Remington Arms began manufacturing their bolt-action rifle series known as the Remington 700. Each rifle of this series uses a similar centerfire bolt action function. Depending on the caliber of the rifle, its internal magazine will usually have a capacity of either 3 rounds, 4 rounds, or 5 rounds. Some versions even have a floor plate (BDL version) which allows you to unload the ammunition from the bottom by a hinged door. If there is no floor plate installed (BDL version), then it is considered a “blind” unloading. You can turn an ADL into a BDL with a floor plate kit and a stock.

When you place your order for the rifle, you can have a detachable box magazine included with it. There are a variety of different assembly options available when you purchase the Remington 700 model. These differences pertain to its stock, caliber configuration, and barrel type. The rifle model is an expansion of the Remington 722 and Remington 721 models. These were first sold to the public in 1948.

This is one of the best bolt-action rifles ever. It is made in the United States with great pride. The Remington 700 models have been the most popular bolt-action rifles for more than 50 years. No other bolt-action rifle has generated more sales than the 700 series.

The receiver of the Model 700 has 3 steel rings which are quite known for their strength. It also includes a hammer forged barrel. This combination of components makes the Model 700 a superior bolt-action rifle amongst all the rest. This is the reason why elite snipers in the military choose to use the Model 700. It provides the kind of precision needed in a tactical operation. But even if you’re just hunting game in the woods, you can still take advantage of the accuracy that this weapon provides.