There are plenty of stocks and adjustments you can make to a Remington 700, but those will only take you so far when you want precision and stability in your shots. That is why bipods are a popular attachment, especially when you’re lying on the ground or can’t get into a position where you can stand and shoot. A bipod goes on the bottom of the Remington 700 and features two legs which stand it up on the surface that you’re on. Let’s take a look at a few recommended bipods for the Remington 700.

The Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod is an aluminum bipod that is lightweight while still maintaining its durability with its stainless-steel components. The legs are independently adjustable to five different leg positions. The legs can also be extended from a length of five inches to a length of nine inches. The front-to-back adjustment can be done up to 180° while having the ability to pan to the left or right at 30° in each direction. The cant adjustment is also 30° which makes it perfect for shooting on terrains that are uneven and rough.