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S&J Hardware ( is a Canadian manufacturer & retailer of firearms accessories and other shooting-related products. They offer a number of add-ons and replacement components for shotguns, including a line of magazine extensions for the Remington 870 and others. A lot of S&J Hardware’s products have proven popular in the 870 community, such as their magazine followers and Velcro shell carriers, and I’ve personally used several of their accessories for years with good results. Their magazine extensions always sounded really good on paper, but I really hadn’t seen them in the wild much, and had no personal experience with them. This came up in a discussion on the forums, and soon afterward, Scott Mueller, S&J’s United States distributor (, contacted me asking if I would be interested in having one sent over for evaluation. Obviously I was interested.

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Thanks to Synchronizor for this fantastic review!

One of the attributes that makes the venerable Remington 870 so flexible is the fact that its magazine can easily be expanded without having to change out the barrel or the base magazine tube. It’s not surprising then, that magazine extension options abound for the 870, and an extension is often one of the first things to be considered when planning a build.

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