The shotgun magazine tube extension and magazine tube follower is very important for reliable feeding but there is one element which is often overlooked by shotgun owners. The magazine tube spring is one of the very important elements which can dramatically improve feeding. Either that or it can be the cause of numerous malfunctions. Many no-feed problems are often caused by short or weak magazine tube springs.

There are many manufacturers of the magazine tube springs but I think that there are only two companies which manufacture the best magazine springs for shotguns: Nordic Components and Wolff Gunsprings. These two companies are well known for their high-quality firearm related products. Wolff Gunsprings makes many types of gun springs including magazine springs for shotguns. This company is well known for their springs and many shooters choose their products. Nordic Components makes magazine tubes and magazine springs for firearms. Their springs quickly became popular because they are well made, include protective coating, and don’t weaken over time.

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Founded in 1990 by gunsmith Hans Vang, Vang Comp Systems, Inc. offers a variety of gunsmithing and refinishing services, but is perhaps best known for the system of barrel modifications that they offer for combat shotguns. The company also produces a handful of tactical shotgun parts and accessories, including a line of magazine extensions. Vang Comp’s shotgun accessories have an overall positive reputation across the shotgunning community for quality and durability, and their Remington magazine extensions, offered in +1 and +2 varieties, are popular choices for combat and defensive 870 builds. They are also notably used on Nighthawk’s extremely high-dollar custom combat 870s.

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