Took a lot of time but I finally organized Practical Shotgun Training Course consisting of 10 trainings. There were 2 groups of 6 students each.

We started from basic things like shotgun stance and finished with all the students knowing how to shoot on the move.

Shooting a lot!

Course program:
1. Gun Safety Rules
2. Equipment.
3. Warm-up drills.
4. Dry fire drills.
5. Basic shotgun shooting stance. Drills to check and improve stance.
6. Transitions. Proper eye work.
7. Wide transitions.
8. Movement with shotgun. Different directions, correct start and stop.
9. Buckshot patterning.
10. Slug shooting up to 40 meters.
11. Shooting on the move.
12. Transitions.
13. Proper pump-action shotgun manipulations and shooting.
14. Fast pump shooting.
15. Practical shooting drills.
16. Penalty targets.

Range Day

Each shooter had about 250 rounds per training. That may sound a lot but with proper program it is not that difficult. Also, I have hired helpers which were restoring the targets, that made training faster and students were not required to spend time and efforts on that.

Orange Hogue Stock and Forend

Orange Hogue Stock and Forend

The most popular shotgun of the course was Remington 870. It is not a surprise because 870 is extremely reliable. It became really popular in Practical Shooting during recent years. It requires some work, modifications and preparation for practical shooting but then it enables shooter to load and shoot shotgun fast.

The silver medal of the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot 2018 got shooter with Remington 870.

I have many articles about required modifications and upgrades and they are not only for sports. They improve reliability of our favourite shotgun. There are some inexpensive small parts which can dramatically improve your experience with 870. Small things like extractor and carrier latch spring will cost almost nothing but will fix many possible issues.

Remington 870 was the most popular shotgun of the course

Remington 870 was the most popular shotgun of the course

Hot tea helps to stay warm during cold winter days. We were lucky to have good weather during almost all of the training days. Now everyone wants second Practical Shotgun Course and I am preparing it. Competitions start very soon, so we need to get as much training as possible.

Hot tea is a good way to stay warm during cold range days.