CED7000 Shot Timer Review

CED7000 Shot Timer was one of the gifts I received for my birthday. I was happy to receive this small but very important tool.

Shooting timer is necessary piece of equipment for any Range Officer. Also, shot timer enables you to see your growth and test your skills.

CED 7000 Shot Timer
CED 7000 Shot Timer

It is very difficult to understand the better technique without timer. Time goes different for a person under adrenal stress. That is why shooting timer is helpful.

CED7000 Shot Timer is the most popular timer in dynamic shooting. It is compact and you can just put it in your pocket when going to the range. This shooting timer has long battery life: 25 hours of use, 33 days of stand-by (thus we have experienced shorter battery life during cold weather). It is reliable and I have never seen any malfunctions when using CED 7000.

Importance of a Shooting Timer

Sometimes you see guys act cool and all their look is saying “I’m freaking fast and tacticool shooter!” but when we ask them to shoot under timer, you will be able to see that sometimes they are extremely slow.

Shot timer is the only way to measure your shooting skills. I don’t know any other tool which enables you to test your skills.

There are several important things you can test with shot timer:
-Time of the first shot
-How fast you are loading your shotgun
-How fast can you do a slug changeover

If we are talking about pistols and rilfes you can also test the speed of a magazine change.

When you have a shot timer, you can even organize competitions with your friends and find out which one of you is the fastest shooter.

Accessories for CED 7000 Shot Timer

-Competitive Edge Dynamics Ced External Battery Pack
-Competitive Edge Dynamics Ced7000 Belt Clip
-Competitive Edge Dynamics Wrist Band
-Competitive Edge Dynamics Ced External Battery Pack

Highly recommended piece of equipment.

Recommended Product:
CED7000 Shot Timer
CED7000 Shot Timer
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