Bought the Winchester 15 Piece Brass/Steel Punch Set. It is great for people who are amateur gunsmiths or simply like to do their own gunsmithing without paying a professional to do it for them. You can perform a variety of different gunsmithing functions with this punch set. You can use it to drop in new upgrades, replace sights, or armorer takedowns. Very handy for shotgun or AR-15 rifle.

Winchester 15 Piece Brass/Steel Punch Set

Winchester 15 Piece Brass/Steel Punch Set

There’s no need to worry about sizes or anything like that because this set comes with all the sizes that you’ll ever need. There are 14 brass and steel punches of varying sizes, which are suitable for most general gunsmithing situations. In fact, you can use these punches on different types of firearms, such as shotguns, handguns, and rifles. This is great for anyone with an extensive firearm collection or arsenal who doesn’t want to have to purchase separate punch sets.

Since this is a 15-piece set and there are 14 punches, you may be wondering what the 15th piece is. That would be the hammer tool which you use on the punches and the firearms. The hammer is a small, but firm tool which is easy to grip and handle. All these pieces come inside of a blow molded case that is quite compact. The set is a licensed Winchester product too. Of course, the punch set is compatible with weapons from all different manufacturers, not just Winchester.

You’ll be pleased to know that the Winchester 15 Piece Brass/Steel Punch Set is very inexpensive. If you go on Amazon, you can purchase a new kit for $21.66 from a private seller. There is free shipping on the order too, so the listed price is the final price (plus any state taxes that you may be charged). The shipping weight won’t be that heavy anyway because the punch set is very small and compact. The piece that weighs the most is the hammer and that’s small.

There is a one-year warranty included with each purchase. This means if any of the punches or hammer were to prematurely break or have problems through no fault of your own, you can return the punch set for a full refund. However, this is only what’s stated on the Amazon listing. Since there are private sellers who are selling these sets on Amazon, you need to check with them to see if they offer a money back guarantee. The best ranking sellers probably will offer this type of guarantee.