New shotgunners don’t like the heavy recoil of the 12 gauge Remington 870. This is understandable because nobody likes coming home with black and blue shoulder. You will get used to the recoil with time and ammo spent but there is inexpensive solution to make life of new Remington 870 shotgun owners easier.

Standard Remington 870 buttpad is a hard rubber recoil pad which works well but can be replaced with one of the aftermarket recoil pads. Let’s talk about the available replacement buttpads and find the best one.

What is recoil pad or buttpad?

Buttpad or recoil pad is a piece of rubber, plastic, leather and sometimes even metal that attaches to the buttstock of the rifle or shotgun. The main purpose of the recoil pad is to provide padding between the stock and shooter’s shoulder. They reduce recoil and make shooting more comfortable. Standard recoil pads are usually very simple. They serve their purpose but you can always find the better replacement recoil pad which is softer or have additional features. Some of them reduce recoil better because they are made of special materials. Some of them prevent slipping on the shotgun owner’s clothing or even have special form to make shouldering faster.

Good recoil pad reduces muzzle jump and enable shooter to make fast follow up shots. This is extremely important for guns with heavy recoil like 12 gauge shotguns.

Of course, you can buy a recoil-reducing stock but it cost a lot and has a lot of moving parts.

Remington Supercell Recoil Pad

Do you need to change the recoil pad on your Remington 870?

Standard Remington 870 buttpad is made of hard rubber recoil pad which is good but not the best one. You can always replace it with one of the softer buttpads.

Replacement is easy and fast. You can even do this at home. You will feel that recoil is softer right on your next visit to a shooting range.

How to choose the best aftermarket recoil pad for the Remington 870?

The best way to choose the recoil pad is to try it. Find friends with shotguns equipped with Remington Supercell and Limbsaver recoil pads and ask them to try their shotgun on the range. Try shouldering a shotgun, try shooting different loads. You may feel the difference and this will definitely help you to choose the recoil pad.

Both recoil pads work almost the same and reduce felt recoil similarly. Limbsaver recoil pad is priced little higher.

Pre Fit or Grind To Fit Recoil Pad?

There are two versions of the aftermarket recoil pads. Pre-fit recoil pads like Remington Supercell or Limbsaver are made especially for Remington 870. This means easy and fast drop in installation without adjustments. Grind to fit recoil pads require adjustment and some grinding before installation.

The best recoil pad for Remington 870

There are several most popular aftermarket recoil pads for the Remington 870 shotgun. One is made by Remington, it is called Supercell, it is installed from the factory on more expensive variants of the 870: Marine, Police and some Tactical versions and Remington 700.

You can find more aftermarket recoil pads from Limbsaver company. They make them for many guns and there is special version of buttpad available for the 870.

Installation of the aftermarket recoil pad is very simple. You just unscrew two screws, remove the old recoil pad and install new one with the old screws.

Magpul SGA OEM Butt Pad Adapter Remington 870

Magpul SGA OEM Butt Pad Adapter Remington 870

If you have Magpul SGA stock then you can get a special Magpul SGA Butt Pad Adapter which enables you to install aftermarket Remington 870 recoil pads.

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Let’s have a closer look at the best Remington 870 recoil pads.

Remington 870 Supercell Recoil Pad

This is one of the best aftermarket recoil pads available for the Remington 870 shotgun. It really reduces felt recoil which makes shooting much more comfortable. It is made by Remington company and installed on many shotguns and rifles.

It is advertised to reduce recoil by 54%. I can’t say that it is really that good but I really like to shoot shotgun equipped with this recoil pad.

Frames from high-speed video footage of SuperCell testing:

Frames from high-speed video footage of SuperCell testing

You can see how this recoil pad works and reduces recoil.

Factory pad on the left, SuperCell on the right

Factory pad on the left, SuperCell on the right

Some thoughts Synchronizor which reviewed this recoil pad on

“The answer to the inevitable question is yes, I would highly recommend this product to the owner of any compatible firearm. The SuperCell performs wonderfully and offers that performance at an exceptional value. When combined with a properly-fitting stock and good shooting technique, this $20 upgrade should be all that most able-bodied gun owners need to shoot comfortable and effectively.”

Attention: Choose the correct version of the Supercell recoil pad.

Available for synthetic and wood stocks. They are different, so be sure to choose the correct recoil pad:

Improper fit of SuperCell pad on a wood 870 stock

Improper fit of SuperCell pad on a wood 870 stock

Minor fitting may be required, especially for the wood stocks.

Price: $31.99.

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Limbsaver Recoil Pad

This recoil pad is also popular among Remington 870 owners. It has almost the same features as the previous pad. The same easy drop-in installation which doesn’t require complicated tools or skills. There are two versions of the recoil pad: one for wood stock and one for synthetic stock.

Limbsaver Recoil Pad is advertised to reduce up to 70% of felt recoil which is hard to believe. But it really reduces felt recoil and makes shooting more comfortable.

Limbsaver Buttpad

Limbsaver Buttpad

I have tested this recoil pad too and haven’t noticed any difference with Supercell. They are both really good and reduce recoil and muzzle jump.

This recoil pad is priced just a little higher. You can’t go wrong with Supercell or Limbsaver, so choose the one you like more. Usually, no fitting required.

Price: $37.99

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