This is frontal shooting stance which is used by most competitive, law enforcement and military shooters.

1. Lean forward. This is very important and enables you to control recoil even after numerous shots.

Shotgun Shooting Stance

Shotgun Shooting Stance

2. Cheek weld. Put your face down on the stock. Shotgun should be placed between your eyes and target. That means that you need to learn how to put your shotgun exactly on a target when lifting it up.

3. Bring a shotgun tightly to a shoulder. If it is loose the stock will hit your shoulder shot after shot and you will come back from a range with black and blue shoulder.

4. Flex your knees, this way you will be able to control recoil with your body.

5. Don’t stick your right elbow out. Hold your elbows tucked in close to your chest. This will minimize your silhouette which is very important in home defense situation. Also, this ensures better maneuverability in close quarters environment.

6. Stand with feet about shoulder width apart.

7. Don’t put your left hand too far farward on the forend. Remeber that forend on Remington 870 located far from shooter, so you need to find a comfortable position or install a longer forend.

Practice often and you will have a proper shotgun shooting stance which will help you to shoot fast and accurately.

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