The Brownells 12-Gauge 3-Gun Remington Choke Tube Set is designed specifically for all 12-gauge Remington pump-action shotguns. This particular choke tube set is suitable for 3-Gun competitions because it gives users the ability to choose which choke tube they want for a given stage. The choke tubes included in this set are a modified choke tube, an improved cylinder choke tube, and a full choke tube.

12-Gauge 3-Gun Remington Choke Tube Set

12-Gauge 3-Gun Remington Choke Tube Set

This will give you the ability to shoot everything from a steel target at a far distance to a clay pigeon moving quickly through the air. All 3 tubes that come in this choke tube set were crafted out of 1704 stainless steel. They were each designed to provide users with tighter shooting patterns that are a lot denser than what you would find with traditional choke tubes. This helps increase your accuracy when shooting at targets within a smaller radius.

The end of each choke tube has been knurled in a way that allows users to quickly remove it so they can add a new one to their weapon. The size and constriction of each choke tube have been marked with a laser on their body and end. That way, you can easily check on which choke tube you are looking at without having to guess on its size. If you’re using rifled slugs, regular slugs, or sabots, make sure you are not using a choke that has a tight constriction. An improved cylinder would be the tightest that you could use with them. Remember that the type of shells you are using in your Remington shotgun should determine which choke tube you use. Some brands of ammunition will create patterns that differ from other brands, even if you’re using the same exact choke tube.

Anyone who purchases the Brownells 12-Gauge 3-Gun Remington Choke Tube Set will receive a lifetime warranty with their order. The price of this 3-Gun Choke Tube Set is $89.99 at Each choke tube that comes in the set was made in the United States. This ensures that you are getting a quality product that will last you for a very long time. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be a competition shooter in order to enjoy this choke tube set. You could be a hunter and find the convenience of being able to quickly change your choke tube to be an asset in a many situations.

There are also sets available for Browning Invector / Winchester and Benelli.

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