The choke tube is a constrictive piece that goes inside the bore of your shotgun in order to change the pattern and range. If you are using a shotgun shell with pellets in it, such as buckshot or birdshot, then a choke tube will help prevent the pellets from spreading at too wide of a range. As for those using slugs, a rifled choke tube will give this particular type of ammunition the best accuracy and range it could possibly have.

Rifled Choke for Shotguns

Rifled Choke for Shotguns

Sometimes hunters use rifled choke tubes if they are trying to hunt deer or some large animal at a far away range.

The type of slug used with a rifled choke tube will also play a factor in its accuracy and range. Brenneke Super Sabot Slugs, for example, contains no lead and are made specifically to be used with rifled barrels or barrels with rifled choke tube. When fired at a range of 60 yards, the projectiles will spread just 6 inches from each other. Remington Sluggers slugs will only spread 3 inches apart, giving the shooter a much tighter group.

The best way to choose a rifled choke tube for your shotgun is to choose one manufactured by the same company that manufactured your shotgun. So if you want to add a rifled choke tube to a Remington 870 shotgun, then purchase the Remington Rifled Choke Tube available through the many websites. It is made specifically for 12-gauge shotguns, like the Remington 870, and it will give rotational stability to your slugs.As a result, you will have increased shot placement and accuracy. Rifled choke tubes like this typically cost under $50 and they are very easy to install

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