The Tactstar Sidesaddle shell holder mounts directly to the receiver and has the capacity to hold six shells. Having a sidesaddle with six shells within inches of your fingers give anyone a tactical advantage in a combat situation. The Tactstar sidesaddle makes an ideal accessory for combat reloads or “top offs”. In years past firearms’ instructor recommended, you fire your weapon empty before reloading. Today however, they recommend that you combat reload as you fire and having the shells at hand makes it easier than reaching for a shell pouch or belt loop.

TacStar Sidesaddle (shell holder) for Remington 870

TacStar Sidesaddle (shell holder) for Remington 870

Manufactures Specifications:
• The shell holder mounts six additional rounds to the receiver of your weapon
• Manufactured specially for the Remington 870, 1100 and the 11-87
• Mounting plate installs directly to the shotgun receiver with a metal “flushed mounted” plate
• Mounting screws are included and are used to replace the manufactures’ installed pins on the shotgun
• Typically, there is no modifications required

Long forend would need modifications because the sidesaddle’s length. The installation is complete in a matter of minutes, TacStar sidesaddle comes with tools and materials needed for the installation.

Screw may loosen due to recoil over time. It is recommended that you apply Lock-Tight or some other quality thread locking adhesive. However, keep in mind using Lock-Tight may make it difficult to remove the Tactstar Sidesaddle.
While the mount is metal the shell holders themselves are plastic and may not hold the shells tightly or will loosen over time. This is not the case as described by long time users and they even state that shells can be loaded “upside down”.

Many use the sidesaddle in conjunction with sling and stock mounted shell holders, which dramatically increases the number of shells available without having to carry a shell pouch or fill your pockets as some do. For example, with ten shells on the sling, six in the Sidesaddle and another six on the stock with the 4+1 configuration of a typical shotgun you have a considerable amount of shells available to meet any situation.

Some who have purchased the Tactstar Sidesaddle have stated that after installing the Sidesaddle that the mount bowed out in the center. This is possibly caused by tightening one screw down to tightly before tightening the second one down causing the metal to bow slightly.

Tactstar Sidesaddle is rugged, aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. Typically, any shotgun with a 7 ¼-inch forearm or less would not need modifications or replacement before adding the Tactstar Sidesaddle.

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TacStar Shell Holder

TacStar Shell Holder

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