This overview of the most common sidesaddles available on the market today. I have tested several the most popular sidesaddles for Remington 870 shotgun:

  • TacStar 4-Round Sidesaddle
  • Mesa Tactical 6-Round Sidesaddle
  • S&J Hardware 6-Round Sidesaddle
  • Sidesaddles for Remington870

    Sidesaddles for Remington870

    These sidesaddles are well known and very convenient to carry additional ammunition on your shotgun. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this overview is to compare these sidesaddles.

    Let’s start with TacStar Sidesaddle for Remington 870:

    Tacstar Sidesaddle

    Tacstar Sidesaddle

    TacStar sidesaddle is ammunition carrier with plastic shell holder on aluminum mounting plate. It is easy to install, installation takes just several minutes. Be careful and don’t overtighten screws because this may bind the reciever and jam up the action or action will be stiff. Also, if you overtighten screw you can easily strip the screw and you won’t be able to fix it without buying a new sidesaddle.

    TacStar sidesaddle holds shotgun shells reliably but it is still easy to take them out.

    This sidesaddle is inexpensive and you can use it without any problems for a long time. Of course it is not as durable as the metal sidesaddle but it still a good choice.

    Installation of the TacStar sidesaddle on Remington 870, video:

    Next sidesaddle in this overview is a S&J Hardware Detachable Sidesaddle:

    S&J Hardware Sidesaddle

    S&J Hardware Sidesaddle

    This sidesaddle is the easiest to install and remove. Installation takes less than a minute and you are ready to go.

    It is lightweight and detachable which means that you can have several loaded shell carriers in your pocket. When one becomes empty you change it with a loaded one.

    S&J Hardware sidesaddle holds shells reliably and allows you easily take them out even during the cold weather. It’s not a secret that TacStar and Mesa sidesaddles are not that convenient when it’s cold outside.

    It attached to the receiver using sticker which attaches reliably but you will have to cut unstuck corners after about a year of use.

    This sidesaddle is not as durable as the other ones but it has many advantages.

    Installation of the S&J Hardware sidesaddle on Remington 870, video:

    And the third sidesaddle in overview is the Mesa Tactical Sidesaddle:

    MESA Tactical Sidesaddle

    MESA Tactical Sidesaddle

    This is the most durable and reliable sidesaddle available on the market today. Mesa Tactical sidesaddle is made of aluminium which makes it indestructible. It is low profile and looks fantastic!

    One of the good features of this shell carrier is that it doesn’t hide the serial number.

    There are many different versions of this sidesaddle. There are 4-round, 6-round and even 8-round shell carriers.

    This is the most expensive shell carrier in this overview but it is worth the price.

    Installation of the Mesa Tactical Sidesaddle on Remington 870, Video:

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