Remington 870 Extractor Replacement (How to Install non-MIM Extractor)

One of the simplest ways to improve your shotgun’s performance is to change a standard MIM (Metal injection molded) extractor with non-MIM (solid steel) extractor. Steel extractors are used on the Remington 870 Police shotguns because they are more durable and allow heavy use of a shotgun.

Remington870 Extractor Replacement

Remington870 Extractor Replacement

Changing the extractor on a Remington 870 improves reliability. New extractor is inexpensive ($10-15) and easy to install.

How to change the extractor on a Remington 870 shotgun:
1. Check that your shotgun is unloaded. Check both magazine tube and chamber.
2. Disassemble your Remington 870.
3. Take out the bolt.
4. Put a flat head screwdriver between a plunger and the extractor.
5. Pull the extractor plunger back to depress the spring which is located behind it. Then lift the extractor out rotating it.
6. Take the new non-MIM extractor and push it rotating in until it snaps in place with click.

I have created following video to show you how to change the extractor on a Remington 870:

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Remington 870 Non-MIM Extractor

Remington 870 Non-MIM Extractor

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Volquartsen Custom Extractor is an alternative aftermarket non-MIM extractor for Remington 870: