This set of night sights for Remington 870 is manufactured by Ameriglo. They use tritium elements from Trijicon in their sights.

This set is very sturdy and well made. I have tested them in day light and they were very good and easy to use. Of course they don’t glow in the daylight as light gathering sights but easily identifiable thanks to the white ring around tritium tubes. Also, Ameriglo sights glow in the dark thanks to the tritium elements (which will be glowing for 12 years). You can choose several colors for your sights, I have front dot of the green color and yellow dots on the back sight. You can choose all green elements if you want. These sights are little higher than standard ones but I like it.

Installation was very easy and took just 15-20 minutes.

Ameriglo Trijicon Night Sights
Ameriglo Trijicon Night Sights
Ameriglo Trijicon Tritium Night Sights
Ameriglo Trijicon Tritium Night Sights

The only disadvantage of this set is a high price of $99. But if you want to have tritiums sights for your Remington 870 I recommend this set.


  1. Can we get a wide shot, showing where you have them mounted? What is your reasoning behind the sights on your gun – is it a competition thing, or is this a defensive weapon?


  2. Jon, thanks for your question. Sights are installed on standard bases on my barrel. I have a barrel with rifle sights, that is why it is easy to install them.

    I wanted to have sights which are visible in low light or no light conditions. Light gathering sights are better for competition because competitions are always held when there is enough light. I think that tritium sights are designed for devensive weapon. There is a flashlight on my shotgun but I want to be able to aim without switching it on.


  3. a_mozes

    А мушку – легко менять. Я пробовал свою сдвинуть – не получилось. Там все равно в какую сторону?

    1. Я выбивал ее, постукивая сильно, но аккуратно :) Мне кажется, что то все равно в какую сторону.

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