Many shotgun owners often debate about what is better for a tactical shotgun: pistol grip or a traditional stock?

First of all we need to understand that different situations require different tools and there is no one answer to this question. For example, stock will be better for a hunting, some believe that it is easier to make first shot and aim on target. But if we talking about tactical/combat shotgun pistol grip gives us a lot of advantages.

Note: When I am talking about a pistol grip, I mean a pistol grip which has a stock. I don’t think that pistol grip
without a stock is universal enough for a home-defense, also it is more difficult to aim with this kind of a shotgun and this requires a lot of practice. I think they should be very convenient (because of their compact size) for police/army as a door-breaching tool.

1. Manuverability
Pistol grip decreases a shotgun length and also you don’t need to raise your elbow as in traditional shooting stance which is used with stock. It will be much easier for you to maneuver in a house, stairs, around corners etc. with a shotgun which has a pistol grip installed(especially in close quarters). It is easier to move, crouch, run, hold it with one hand etc.

2. Safety Button
Personally for me it is much more easier to find the safety button with a pistol grip. It is much more intuitive.

3. Сonvenience
It is more convenient to hold your shotgun with your hand on a grip for a long time if you have a pistol grip. Your hands will get tired not as fast as with traditional stock. Also it reduces strain of your wrist.

4. Easier Transition
If you have a pistol or rifle with a pistol grip (AR-15 for example) it will be easier for you to use a shotgun with a pistol grip because you are already familiar with it.

5. Reducing a Silhouette
Pistol grip allows you to have your hands close to the body and reduce your silhouette which is important in a gunfight.

The only one disadvantage of a pistol grip with stock I can think of is that some of the recoil hit your wrist.

So what is better? Pistol grip or stock? I think you should choose an option which is more convenient for you. Also, there is no difference what you have on your shotgun if you can’t use it and don’t train with it regularly.

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