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Next up for review are the W.G.S. Co. Universal Ghost Ring Firesights. These sights offer a large amount of flexibility since they incorporate a universal design they can work on just about any vent rib shotgun with no gunsmithing required. They are made out of aircraft grade aluminum and manufactured through a CNC process. The color combination of a red front sight and a green ghost ring rear sight really compliment each other well and only help increase a shooters target acquisition. The Universal Ghost Ring Firesights attach to a vent rib barrel via the placement holes with a combination of two latches per sight that are held in place with a set of screws that are provided.

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Universal Shotgun Trainer LT-120 From LaserLyte

Universal Shotgun Trainer LT-120 is new and pretty interesting tool from LaserLyte.

You insert Universal Shotgun Trainer into barrel’s muzzle-end and when you press the trigger it is activated by sound and projects a ring of 8 red laser dots on target.

First, I thought that it is going to be an interesting tool for dryfire trainings but then I saw the price of $219.95. You can buy huge amount of ammo for this sum!

Also, I am not sure that it will not be activated by sound when you rack forend or load ammo.

So, I think that this is very controversial, overpriced and questionable accessory.

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