About Marlin Firearms Co.

Marlin Photos by Victor Lytovchenko

Marlin Firearms Company was founded in 1870, 152 years ago when this article was written (2022). John Marlin founded Marlin Firearms in the 1870s. Marlin developed a wide range of weapons, including single shot rifles, pump action shotguns, and lever action rifles. Marlin was viewed as Winchester’s primary competitor.

Marlin Firearms Co.

The Marlin Firearms logo features a slim horseman, braced at a sudden stop with his horse, looking intently out to the side. He is wearing a red bandana around his neck and a felt hat on his head. A shot be delivered to the invisible threat by the Marlin levergun, which is held in hands and ready to be fired right away. It depicts a man who is self-reliant and independent.