Black Friday will be on Friday, 25th November 2016. I really like sales and big discounts. What can be better than purchasing something with 50%, 60% or even 70% off? :) What can be better than buying $129 jacket for $30 or $200 firearm accessory for $80? Or buying a gun with big discount? We all love good deals and discounts that is why I decided to create a list with the best gun, firearms accessories and tactical clothing/footwear deals.

Black Friday is finally here!

Last year, Black Friday was the biggest day ever for gun sales and I think this time will be the same situation. The more responsible gun owners will be the better.

There are many websites which sell guns, accessories, upgrades, parts and tactical clothing, boots, accessories. But it would take too much time to check them all. Items with good discounts are sold out fast, so it is better to have a list of the best deals and discounts.

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Firearms all need gun oil to stay lubricated and clean. Regular cleaning and lubrication ensures long life of your shotgun. I know that many shooters hate to clean their firearms after training but I am not one of them. I like the process of cleaning and do everything very accurately and thoroughly.

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Gun sock is a popular and inexpensive way to protect your shotgun during transportation and storage. I’ve bough two socks on Brownells. They are made by SACK UPS company which makes gun socks since 1985.

So, why do you need both long and short socks. I use long sock to transport my gun. Gun sock protects finish of my shotgun and also protects internal parts from dust, sand and dirt. Another good feature is that cotton cloth is treated with silicone and oil that helps inhibit rust. Gun sock will wick moisture away if your shotgun is wet. That is also important in cold weather when you can see condensate on your firearm when you bring it indoors.

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Very nice cleaning mat with Remington 870 imprint. Very compact when folded, so it is easy to store it.

You can use it to protect your desk from oil and solvents when cleaning shotgun. Surface is very soft and will not harm finish of your 870.

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10 Best Gun Blogs I Read Daily

The best blog which has the latest firearms industry news, interesting reviews and updated daily.

2. SayUncle
Blog about everything related to guns, interesting to read.

3. GunsHolstersAndGear
Interesting blog about guns, very nice design, good articles.

4. NRA Blog
The must read blog for all gun enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters.

5. Advanced Armament Corp.

Many interesting articles about guns.

6. Gun Nuts Media

A lot of interesting articles, friendly design.

7. Vuurwapenblog

Regularly updated blog about guns.

8. DefenseReview

Interesting reviews and articles.

9. MurdocOnline

Interesting site with military photos and news.

10. Weapon-Blog

Useful information, news, articles.

What gun blogs do you read?

Inexpensive Soft Gun Case

Here is inexpensive soft gun case which I use to protect my shotgun from sand, rain, snow, sun, dust etc. on the range:

Inexpensive Soft Gun Case
Inexpensive Soft Gun Case

It is light weight but has pretty thick foam-padded and lycra interior lining. Use it for about a year, and very happy with it. It is very useful to protect shotgun from rain, snow, dust etc.

Price is just $9.99. Recommended.

Recommended Product:
Inexpensive Soft Gun Case
Inexpensive Soft Gun Case
Inexpensive Soft Gun Case on Brownells
This is review of the new MOD-C Light Clamp from CDM Gear. This clamp now fits Remington 870, 1100, 11-87, Benelli M1/M2/M4/M104, Mossberg 500C/930, Winchester 1300. New CDM Gear MOD-C Light Clamp is an enhanced version of the good old MOD-C Clamp which I used for a year and a half. It was with me during all the competitions and tests.
I decided to make a video to show you the most common mistake made by new Remington 870 (or different pump-action shotgun) owners. The most common mistake new shotgunners do is waiting 0.5-1 second before pumping a shotgun after the shot.


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