How to Buy Firearms Online in the United States

It is not hard to purchase firearms over the internet in the United States. You just have to abide by certain state and federal statutes regarding the transfer of firearm ownership. As far as the federal law about firearm sales goes, anyone who is over 21 years old and has no felony judgments can purchase a firearm. They must also be legally sane and have no intense psychiatric problems. These are the basic requirements for purchasing firearms, whether online or offline.

When you purchase a firearm over the internet you have two ways you can receive your item. The hardest way is to apply for a Federal Firearms License and complete all the required education and documentation that goes into getting the license. If you are only going to purchase firearms for personal use, you have to check with the laws of your state to make sure residential addresses are acceptable for receiving firearms. Some states, like Massachusetts, do not permit FFL holders to receive firearms at their home address. Also, the federal government is not going to verify the legalities of your state’s laws regarding firearm transfers. So even though the federal government may issue you a license, you may not be able to use it for personal use if you live in a state that forbids it. Therefore, you should contact the local dealers or legal experts in your area to learn more about these regulations and restrictions.

Now if you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting a license then you will have to make arrangements with a licensed dealer in your area to have the firearm you purchased online sent to them. These local dealers will be the ones who will conduct a background check on you and any other type of verification that is required under state law. Any commercial gun shop owner you find in the Yellow Pages should have a Federal Firearms License, which makes them legally suitable to receive your online purchase. Then after they perform all the required identity verification on you, they will issue you the firearm. Just remember to contact your local gun shop before purchasing firearms over the internet. Don’t just purchase the firearms and then have them sent to the gun shop without telling them to expect it. If you do then they may send it back to the seller. Also, some online firearm sellers have a specific list of gun shops they will only send to. Make sure you know for sure that your seller will be able to send your purchase over to the gun shop that you pick. If you follow all of this advice, then your online purchase of firearms should be a success.

Where to Buy Remington 870 Online

One of the popular questions – Where to Buy Remington 870 Online. Finally, I received a link to the website which sells Remington 870 online and actually ships shotguns to clients (local Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) Dealers).

This website is PatriotOutfitters, here is link to the page where you can buy Remington 870 shotgun online:

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Where to Buy Remington 870 Online
Where to Buy Remington 870 Online

They offer free shipping of firearms to lower 48 states. Cannot be shipped outside the US.

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Remington 870 Forum
Remington 870 Forum

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