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Save on shipping with Brownells (Promo Codes)
Save on shipping with Brownells (Promo Codes)

Most shooters find the need to use bore brushes in other areas on their weapon and do at times use steel brushes and then find they have scratched the finish. With the tough nylon bristles you can rest assured that you would not scratch the finish, when used for other odd cleaning jobs on your weapon.

However, the nylon bristles are tough enough to clean even the toughest fouling deposits and yet will not wear down the barrel’s rifling. With a smooth bore, of course, you do not have this worry but several models of shotguns allow you to switch out barrels rather easily from smooth bore to a rifled barrel and you will need the proper cleaning tools available.

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At the moment I have 9 prizes and only 5 entries, come on guys, join the contest!!!

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Don’t Forget About New Contest! Win $100 Brownells Gift Certificate!

Win $100 Brownells Gift Certificate!
Win $100 Brownells Gift Certificate!

Last contest was fantastic, we’ve seen a lot of photos and participants. Time for new contest. This contest is sponsored by and Brownells.

Rules are simple, send review of ANY of upgrade or accessory for Remington 870 shotgun. Reviews accepted from 28th of May till 31st of July, 2013, so you have plenty of time to review your favorite Remington 870 upgrade.

Then we will have open voting for 10 days and choose the best reviews, 2 winners will receive $100 gift certificates from Brownells.

Main Prizes

2 Main Prizes: $100 Brownells Gift Certificates


Additional Prizes

7 additional prizes:

Remington Trigger Pins
Remington Follower, Alum, Green, 12 Ga.
Remington Follower, Alum, Red, 12 Ga.
Remington Follower, SS, Natural, 12 Ga.
Carrier Pivot Slave Pin
4-in-1, 870/1100 Screwdriver Combo
Pin Pusher

Official Rules:

1. Entrants agree that reviews can be used by
2. Reviews must be new and published only on
3. Reviews must contain at least one photo of the accessory/upgrade.
4. Only Remington 870 accessories/upgrades reviews are accepted.
5. Number of the reviews from one person is not limited.
4. Entrants certify that they own reviews.
5. Winners will be chosen by readers of the blog. Voting will be open and will be held for 10 days, so all entrants will be in same conditions and will have same amount of time to get votes.
6. It is allowed to ask your friends to vote for you. The more publicity we have the more prizes we’ll have next time.
7. Reviews accepted in English only.

Send in your reviews to

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