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The Feral Irishman

The Captain’s Journal Blog

The War on Guns Blog

Ammunition Store

Tritium Sights – Tritium Gun Sights

Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, TASER® and Security Surveillance Cameras
Many Self Defense items not readily available in stores.

Body Armor / Bulletproof Vests – Bullet Proof
Bullet proof Vests, Tactical Body Armor, Rifle Plates, Kevlar Helmets, Ballistic Blankets, and other accessories to put the odds in YOUR favor. Plus in-depth information on ballistic protection.

Concealed Carry Without a Traditional
Holster, Case or Pouch!

Ammunition Store

The Remington Society of America

The Gun Blog Black List

VolkStudio Blog

The Weapon Blog

Guns and Shooting Online

The Firearm Blog

S&J Hardware

Tactical Accessories for Remington 870

Shotgun Scabbard, Chest Rig and other products

CDM Gear

Light, laser and sling mounts

Modern Firearms & Ammunition

Encyclopedia of firearms and ammunition of the XX and XXI centuries

Remington Official Website

Official website of the manufacturer of the Remington 870 shotgun.


Mossberg 500/590/590A1

Survival and Preparedness, Gear, Advices, Tips, Reviews

Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems


Best Upgrades for Remington 870
Best Upgrades for Remington 870

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