The Benelli Supernova is a type of pump action shotgun that is most commonly used for self defense, hunting and competitive shooting. But perhaps its best known qualities are its reliability, durability and large trigger guard. It is also a light weight shotgun because of its composite steel construction. If you don’t have an internal reducer then the recoil on this shotgun will be pretty tough to put up with. The internal recoil reducer will help the shooter become more accurate with their shots by reducing the recoil. This will help the shooter get a faster second shot as well.

Benelli Supernova Shotgun

Benelli Supernova Shotgun

There are several variations to the Benelli Supernova shotgun. The first variation is the Supernova with ComforTech, which is a model that has a variety of sight and barrel configurations available. Most people use this model for hunting or skeet shooting because it is comfortable to use with its polymer stock and receiver. The second variation is the Supernova with SteadyGrip, which comes with a 24” barrel and a special pistol grip stock. Finally, there is the Supernova Tactical shotgun. This model has a ghost ring sight, a barrel between 14” and 18” with a fixed cylinder choke and a stock pistol grip that is either fixed or adjustable. For those in combat or looking to shoot numerous targets, this is the shotgun of choice. The shotgun has everything you need for steady aiming and targeting.

Benelli is a firearm manufacturer in Italy that was formed in 1967. They are known around the world for creating high quality shotguns for all kinds of people, including civilian, law enforcement and military. The retail cost of a Benelli Supernova starts at about $500 and goes up to $700. It isn’t too expensive as far as pump action shotguns go. It is eight pounds of quality and comes in a variety of different finishes. The two most popular ones are the camouflage and black finishes. Hunters will probably like the camouflage while those wanting this for self defense will likely choose the black finish.

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