Open Red Dot Sight on Remington 870

Open Red Dot Sight on Remington 870

There are numerous kinds of gun sights and targeting systems for your firearms. The traditional gun optic sight is a magnifying scope that lets you see far away enemies at a closer distance. But this doesn’t help much if you want to shoot a target closer to you. In these situations, you will want to use a holographic sight on your firearm. Holographic sights are non-magnifying gun sights that contain a glass optical window on the top of the firearm with a holographic crosshair in the middle of the glass. The crosshair is actually built into the window and uses a laser diode to illuminate. The idea is that when you aim the gun you’ll want the holographic crosshair to cover your target in the viewfinder of the gun sight. Once you pull the trigger, whatever the crosshair is covering is what will get hit with the projectile. This eliminates the hassle of having to have good accuracy with your aim. As long as you can keep the gun steady and paint the target with the crosshair, you will likely hit the target every time you shoot.

Holographic sights are actually pretty new. The very first one was created in 1998, which was less than 20 years ago. What is fascinating about them is that the crosshairs are generated from a light source. This means if you are aiming your gun in a dark environment then you will still be able to see the crosshair because it will be lit up on your side. Of course, the downside to holographic sights is battery life. These sights require a lot of power to generate the hologram of the crosshair, and there are no batteries available to make it sustain long lasting life before it goes dead. Even the red dot sights have longer battery life than holographic sights. The reason for this is because the laser diode of the holographic sight uses more power than the LED light that creates the red dot sight.

So if you are going out in the woods or someplace remote with your holographic sight then make sure you have extra batteries stored. If you do then you will enjoy the many benefits that the holographic sight will give you. For one thing, any living target won’t be able to see the crosshair when you aim at it. This is something that cannot be said for the red dot sight. In the end, the holographic sight is better for those who want to increase their aim while maintaining discretion.

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