I was using gun oil to lubricate my guns for years. But disadvantages of good old lubricants were obvious: wet oil attracts dirt and debris.

I decided to try dry lubricants. I have bought Ballistol Teflon spray and also received KG Dri Lube for tests.

Dry Lubricants for Firearms: Ballistol Teflon and KG10 Dri Lube

Dry Lubricants for Firearms: Ballistol Teflon and KG10 Dri Lube

What can I say, use of dry lubricants improved work of moving parts significantly. Less friction is better, it means that you need to use less force to reload a pump-action shotgun, for example.

Both KG10 Dri Lube and Ballistol Teflon worked similar when applied. But they are different in application.

Ballistol Teflon is easier to apply because it comes as spray. You just spray it on moving parts, alcohol dries and you see transparent film.

KG10 has a brush implemented into cap. You use brush to apply Dri-Lube. It is not as convenient as spray but it is pretty easy procedure.

By the way, I was dissapointed with Shooter’s Choice High-Tech All Weather Grease. It attracts dirt easily. This is understandable because it comes in classic wet form.

I highly recommend using Dry Lubricants because they make work of moving parts easier, with less friction. Dry lubricants don’t attract dirt or debris. Tested on many trainings and one competition.

Dry lubricants are highly recommended! Choose the one you like!

The absolutely identical product is DuPont Teflon Non-Stick Dry-Film Lubricant Aerosol Spray.

These lubricants are not tacticool, they are not expensive, they are not advertised as “high-tech” but they really work.