Remington 870 - Shell Stuck in a Barrel

Remington 870 - Shell Stuck in a Barrel

New Remington 870 shotguns often have failure to extract problems. Let’s see why they happen and how can we fix this.

Failure to extract happens when we cannot extract fired shell. This prevents shotgun from loading new shell into chamber. This is bad, especially during home defense situation.

There are several ways to fix Remington 870 failure to extract.

1. Rack harder, rack faster!

Give your Remington 870 to more expreienced shotgunner for tests. Is everything ok? Does he have failure to extract problems? If no, then something is wrong with your skills.

Try to rack your shotgun faster and harder. Believe me, Remington 870 is very strong shotgun and you don’t need to be gentle when reloading shotgun. This may fix failure to extract problem.

2. Polish chamber

Check chamber of your Remington 870, is it rough? After shot, shell hull extends in size and if your chamber is rough it becomes difficult to extract fired shell. You will need to polish Remington 870 chamber to fix failure to extract problem.

3. Change Extractor

Check extractor of your Remington 870. Is it old? Does it look damaged or you can see that it has marks of wear and tear? Is it factory MIM extractor? Replace it with non-MIM extractor. This may fix failure to extract problem.

4. Check Ejector

Check Remington 870 ejector and ejector spring, do they look ok? If no, replace them, this one of the most often problems which cause failure to extract problems.

Readers, do you know any other ways of fixing Remington 870 failure to extract?