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Remington 1100/11-87 Combat Charging Handle

19 October 20112 comments Accessories, Review, Upgrades

Remington 1100/11-87 Combat Charging Handle

This is review of the Remington 1100/11-87 Combat Charging Handles from S&J Hardware and Daves Metal Works.

I don’t have a  Remington 1100/11-87. That is why I sent charging handle from S&J Hardware to Konstantin from Russia. He have ordered charging handle by Daves Metal Works for his Remington 11-87  and it was a good opportunity to compare two charging handles.

Charging Handles: Standard, S&J Hardware, Daves Metal Works

Charging Handles: Standard, S&J Hardware, Daves Metal Works

Here is review from Konstantin:
I was waiting for tactical charging handle from DAVES METAL WORKS which I ordered from Brownells.

It was interesting to compare handle from DAVES METAL WORKS company with handle from S&J Hardware which I received from Vitaly.

What I don’t like about stanard Remington 11-87 charging handle is that it is too small.

It is difficult to cock a shutter from the shotgun ready condition #2 (magazine filled (chamber empty and the action closed)).

Handle Daves Metal Works

Handle Daves Metal Works

And we know that new IPSC rules which were introduced on the last conference, prohibit the condition #3 (fixed magazine must be empty, chamber must be empty. The action/bolt may be open or closed) during the long stages.

That is why we are going to see a lot of stages with condition when we will have to cock a shutter after the signal of the timer. So I think that this review is going to be useful!

DAVES METAL WORKS is well known as manufacturer of easyloader for Remington 1100 and 11-87 and other high-quality products. Yesterday I received S&J Hardware charging handle and made visual inspection. I wasn’t happy with finish and how metal is machined. The quality of handle from DAVES METAL WORKS is better which you can see on the photo. It is smaller, thinner and more accurate. But remember that aesthetic side is not as important as practical one.

S&J Hardware Charging Handle

S&J Hardware Charging Handle

I have installed both charging handles and tried them during dry fire at home. After tests I think that charging handle from S&J Hardware is faster and more comfortable.
S&J Hardware charging handle is bigger and this can be useful on the beginning of the stage.

I decided to use charging handle from S&J Hardware.

Special thanks to S&J Hardware for charging handle for test and Konstantin for testing it.

Recommended Product:
Remington 1100/1187 Tactical Bolt Handle

Remington 1100/1187 Tactical Bolt Handle

Get Remington 1100/1187 Tactical Bolt Handle on Brownells

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  1. Via Sierra November 15, 2011

    Dave’s Metal Works is likely the better item. I can’t comment on this specific item and I doubt your ability to do so as you are an 870 man and not an autoloader guy.

    Vitaly, you are very clearly partial to S&J. How much free stuff do they give you?

    I have Dave’s Charging Handle on my Benelli M2 Tactical. It is ergonomic all the way.

    Readers I suggest you look further into Dave’s gear.

    A pattern is developing here Vitaly – PUSH S&J.

    Due respect to the good people at S&J and their good products.

    Vitaly, are you 100% impartial in these matters?

    I have my doubts.

    Will you come forth and admit that you are truly interested in the Remington 870 Weapon yet still learning about it and not yet an expert?

    You do know that it is apparent Sir.

    You still haven’t appropriately addressed the forend wrench.

    I thought that Russia was prosperous these days.

    • Vitaly Pedchenko November 16, 2011

      Via Sierra, since all of my posts are non-paid and I am not interested in promotion of any products I do feel that your comment is rather offensive.

      As I told in my post I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS HANDLE MYSELF. And it wasn’t me who has chosen this handle as the best one.

      I haven’t done the test because I don’t have a 1100/11-87 shotgun. I have sent this handle to an independent shooter from Russian IPSC.
      Also, I am not from Russia, I am from Ukraine.

      Here is few links which prove that S&J Handle was tested by Konstantin, an independent shooter from Russia:

      Forum where two handles discussed:

      Video which clearly shows that it wasn’t me who tested charging handle:

      Please note that the shooter is not interested in result of the test, he clearly described that he doesn’t like the finish of the S&J Handle but he likes how it works. Other guy on the forum likes the Dave’s Metal Works Handle.


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