Some time ago I had a post about Remington 870 Heatshield by ATI. This time I want to have more detailed post with better photos.

I have tried to start using a heatshield several times. Remington 870 looks very good with ATI heatshield and has nice features but it also has some disadvantages.

Remington 870 with ATI Heatshield

Remington 870 with ATI Heatshield

Let’s start with advantages of the heatshield for Remington 870…


  • Protects your hands from heat
  • Gives your Remington 870 shotgun a tactical look
Remington 870 Heatshield

Remington 870 Heatshield


  • Scratches barrel
  • Requires modification if installed on barrel with rifle sights
  • Adds weight


Remington 870 Heatshield from ATI

Remington 870 Heatshield from ATI

After all the tests I decided to remove heatshield permanently. It makes your shotgun heavier, it scratches your  barrel and I don’t see any reasons why it should be installed on a Remington 870.

But if you decide to install a heatshield on Remington 870, be sure to tighten screws as hard as you can because heatshield will scratch your barrel even more under recoil.

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