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How to Remove Dimples From Remington 870 Express Magazine Tube

14 February 20118 comments Accessories, Advice, Upgrades

Dimples removal from Remington 870 magazine tube is one of the most popular questions. Every Remington 870 shotgun owner which decided to install a magazine extension faces the problem of dimples removal. I have already posted some posts about this problem earlier. Also, readers of the Rem 870 blog have sent me their instructions, photos and ways to remove dimples in magazine tube.

You can read earlier posts here:

Removing Dimples on Remington 870 Magazine Tube

How to Install Remington 870 Magazine Extension and Remove Dimples in Magazine Tube

Eros from Italy has sent me dimples removal instruction with a new combo hammer smashing-dremel method and I am happy to share it with you.

Remington 870 Shotgun with Magazine Extension

Remington 870 Shotgun with Magazine Extension

I checked my remington 870 to be sure it is unloaded and safe. Then I have taken it apart… the last steps was performed in my hobby room… my garage : – )
I used a 25,5 mm inner diameter cutted tube in order to prevent damages to the external surface of the shell magazine tube that is fixed to the body of the remington 870.

Tube protects external surface of a magazine

Tube protects external surface of a magazine

After this I took L wrench or tube wrench (like we call it in italy) and smashed dimples inside the magazine tube with a hammer.

Smashing out dimples with wrench

Smashing out dimples with wrench

After doing that, when I tried to put back the muzzle, i realized that the magazine tube external surface went deformed a bit. So i had to press it a bit to put the gun toghether again easily like before the procedure of dimples removal.

After this I can tell to all the guys that are trying to do this…. you have to be very careful and gentle whith the hammer and you will be luckier than me. At that  point i used my dremel with a tool on it to file the inner tube exceeding material without creating holes in the magazine tube.

Dimples Removal using a Dremel

Dimples Removal using a Dremel

After the removal of the exceeding material you will have enough space for the aftermarket follower (i used a scattergun technology green follower) and for the longer spring that you’ll have to use with the extended (+2) magazine tube.

Scattergun Technologies High Visibility Follower Remington 870

Scattergun Technologies High Visibility Follower Remington 870

The inner surface of the magazine tube, preaviusly worked by the dremel, was cleaned and smoothered by sandpaper mounted on the dremel tool…

Dimples Removal using Dremel

Dimples Removal using Dremel

After all that work I assembled the gun and finally, using a T-wrench or a tool made by myself like the one you will see on my photos, i mounted the longer spring and the extended magazine tube on the remington 870.

Mounting Long Spring

Mounting Long Spring

At the end ,after using some dummy shells inside the shell magazine to test it, I wanted to check if the dismanteling and put toghether procedure was easy like before. All that worked but I found out that the extended magazine tube was stuck in the Remington oem magazine tube thread. I had to use a wrench to unscrew it and this isnn’t a good option while you’re on the field.

Aat that point I have found a method that will be more useful when you need to take apart a shotgun on the field. I made two 4mm holes in the extended magazine tube, so in that way you will be able to screw-unscrew it using an allen wrench or a similar tool that you surely will have in your field-bag.

Holes in the magazine tube

Holes in the magazine tube

I hope it will be helpful for some guys…

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  1. ecalzo February 14, 2011

    thanks to your great rem870 website i will be able to pimp my shotgun… very good job vitaly…. and thanks for collecting all the good hints or tricks and tips that will let us pimp our guns….

  2. admin February 14, 2011

    Eros, thank you for the article and photos! :)

  3. ecalzo February 14, 2011

    thanks to you for your website..

  4. Stefano February 14, 2011

    Sei un grande…..

  5. Pauli October 1, 2011

    To avoid damage to your magazine tube, try this…..

    1)Take out the original follower.
    2)Tape the original follower to the new follower.
    3)Align the tape down one edge of the original followers channel (the channel that allows the magazine tube dimples the pass by the follower).
    4)Continue the tape in a straight line down the new follower.
    5)Now, turn the two followers around (now joined on one side by tape).
    6)Run tape down one edge of the original followers channel on the opposite side.
    7)Continue the tape in a straight line down the new follower.
    8)Using a Dremmel or hand file, carve out an identical channel in width and depth on the new follower on both sides.

    Take your time and do a good job. With a Dremmel the whole process takes less than 10 min……. and NO damage or risk of damage to your magazine tube!!!
    If you screw up, you only have to replace the follower, not the whole tube.

  6. ecalzo March 1, 2012

    Pauli, this mod it was to extend the magazine tube capacity because my rem 870 can only have 4 shell inside it.With dimples and magazine extension the shells will be stuck inside the magazine tube.So, If you modify only the follower the tube of your remington will have the same capacity and you will put in it only 4 round before they will stuck inside it at the 5 shells .With the dimples removed you can extend it the capacity to +3 rounds inside it so you will be able to carry 4+3 shells…

  7. Pauli March 7, 2012

    Yes, I understand that your mod is intended for a magazine extension. Sorry I forgot to add that my solution is meant for no magazine extension and is simply to replace the factory follower with an upgrade.

  8. Terry June 16, 2014

    Thank you for sharing some images of how to do this, Vitaly! I’m a beginner when it comes to weapons and just got my first weapon, a nice looking Remington 870 a couple of weeks ago. I’m still learning the ropes and sites like yours help a lot. If it’s possible, could you also make videos of things like this? I feel that a 2-3 minute video showing exactly what needs to be done would make your site an even greater resource for people looking for Remington 870 shotguns.


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