A shotgun bandolier is a shoulder belt with a series of loops in it. Each one of these loops can hold a shotgun shell. The belt basically wraps diagonally around your upper torso in a loop, so that the belt goes over your chest, around your shoulder, diagonally down the back and up towards your chest again. Most belt models put the loops for the shells on the front of the belt, which is the part that goes over your chest. That way you can easily access the shells any time you want to use them.

3-Gun Competition (55 round Blackhawk Bandolier)

3-Gun Competition (55 round Blackhawk Bandolier)

Shotgun shells have to be individually loaded into the chamber of the shotgun or magazine tube. So the person with the shotgun is going to need a place to hold their shells when they are not loaded into the the shotgun. The bandolier is the best way of doing this.

Bandoliers are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased online for under $30. Most bandoliers can hold anywhere from 25 to 60 shells at one time. When you go shopping for bandoliers it is important that you pay attention to the type of shells that they are made to hold. For example, if you have 12 gauge shells then make sure you purchase a bandolier for 12 gauge shells and not one for 20 gauge shells. If you don’t purchase the proper bandolier then your shells may not fit inside the loops of the belt, since the loops are made to comfortably hold the shells it’s made to hold.

Bandoliers are typically made out of synthetic materials or leather. The newer bandoliers have loops with elasticity to them, so you may be able to get away with fitting multiple sized shells inside of them. There are even some bandoliers that come in sling format. Sling bandoliers attach to the bottom of your shotgun, which allows you to strap the shotgun to your back when you wear the bandolier. The only thing is when you want to use your shotgun the bandolier will stay attached to it. Some people prefer it this way while others don’t. Either way, bandoliers are a must have for anyone who is a shotgun owner and frequently likes to go shooting outdoors.

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